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No thanks. I'll use the RFC standard DNSSEC, which the US gov is already using and commercial sites are just starting to. If I really need DNS snoop protection in addition to tamper protection, I'll use a secure tunnel to somewhere safe. I don't think I really need that.
Yeah well, I just threw it out there. They don't have a Linux version from what I can see. I use the OpenDNS servers and like it.
I have Tor on my machine if I feel the need/have to use it.
I think it is good to point out alternatives and I'm glad you posted it. I run bind, but mostly out of habit. I've been using it since the earliest days of dns.

I can't help but wonder if the OpenDNS folks hate dnssec because it prevents the sort of dns reply hijacking that some of the sleazier ISPs and free/pay WIFI providers do. DNSSEC puts an end to typos in hostnames causing one to be rerouted to some provider endorsed "help"/ad server.
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