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Picture Show - Robot World: How Cyber Physical Systems are Changing Human-Machine Operations International Society for Performance Improvement, Founding Chapter, San Antonio, TX, August 27, 2014 

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See Jim speak in San Antonio for International Society for Performance Improvement founding chapter on the topic of the:

Robot World- How Cyber Physical Systems are Changing Human-Machine Operations. Jim Brazell, CEO of, will share his thoughts on where we are today in terms of human computer interaction and human systems integration. As a recognized technology forecaster, he will also describe his vision for emerging technologies and San Antonio's role in this unfolding new world of cyber physical computing. This presentation is based on the keynote address he delivered to the Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications on August 4th but is customized to address the implications of human performance improvement and learning. To learn more about Jim, visit or ARMOUR.IO, or listen to Jim's recent appearance on TECH CITY USA radio program on the topic of cybersecurity and cyber physical systems with Bob Butler of, and Ron Hahn of URS (August 2, 2014):
Who: Jim Brazell.   For nearly three decades, Jim has worked in education, technology and business innovation. He is a strong supporter of high technology start-up companies in the Austin-San Antonio Corridor, promoting regional and international technology initiatives and forecasting technology education and training needs for our regional and state-wide workforce. He's also involved in designing immersive virtual training using video games for both military and civilian applications. Jim is a 1995 graduate of Bradley University, Peoria IL.
When:  Wednesday, August 27th. We expect attendees to begin gathering about 6 pm to chat with friends and get reacquainted. We'll order à la carte and have dinner in a disorderly fashion. We will have a short business meeting after dinner, and the program will start about 7:15 pm.  Hopefully, we'll adjourn by 8:30 pm to give the staff at Jim's Restaurant time to tidy up the place for the next day and head home at a decent hour.
 Where:  Jim's Restaurant
                 9950 San Pedro Ave
                 San Antonio, TX 78216
                 Directions:  From IH-410 take the San Pedro exit and travel north on San Pedro approximately ½ mile. Jims will be on your right, at the corner of San Pedro and Ramsey.  
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Now, for a report on our July 23rd:   Chapter member LeRoy Mills did a great job of presenting a broad overview of an interesting concept, Spiral Dynamics, a theory of how individuals and cultures develop. Based on the research of psychologist Claire Graves and sharing some features with the works of Max Weber and Abraham Maslow, Spiral Dynamics posits that change is propagated through "carrying systems" called MEMEs which may be interpreted as the tools of social networks, corporate cultures, professional organizations, and society in general.
LeRoy explained how Dr. Graves' theory is currently being used by a University of North Texas professor of communications, Dr. Don E. Beck, to promote leadership, conflict resolution, and personal growth initiatives on corporate, government agency, and international levels. LeRoy's presentation was extremely artful and creative, and provided attendees with a series of take-away charts and graphs describing the two-tiered spiral progression of psycho-social human evolution from the very primitive "survival values MEME" through eight levels to the "holistic vMEME" of the mature modern human. The presentation led to a lively discussion about how Spiral Dynamics can be applied in assessing individual and group behavior. 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Executive Committee appreciates your input. If you have a presentation you'd like to share, or an idea for someone else to present, please let me know! How can we make your Chapter Membership more rewarding? Please send your ideas to about:
Presentation topics or      activities/exercises you would like.
Suggested presenter(s). 
Will you consider presenting on one on your favorite Performance Improvement topics or issues, or maybe show members a recent project?)
When/where we should meet.
If "4th Thursday evenings" are not your cup of tea, tell me when and where you would prefer to gather?
Anything else you think could add to your "Chapter Experience." 
Notice:  The Executive Committee has some details to settle at the August meeting about our meeting in September.  Tentatively plan on a meeting either Wednesday or Thursday, Sept 17th or 18th, or on Wednesday, Sept 24th.  Stay tuned to our website ( for an update, but plan on joining us in September for a tasty meal, reflect on the changing concepts of work in our brave new world, and add to our experience by your presence!
Randy Agee
San Antonio Chapter, ISPI | ||

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Red it Free: The Need for a Transdisciplinary Approach to Security of Cyber Physical Infrastructure, Book: Applied Cyberphysical Systems, Jim Brodie Brazell, 2014.

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Primetime IT Speech - Predicting the future of technology is easy. Getting the timing right is difficult in terms of consumer behavior; however, the technology structure and path is relatively straight forward. View over 100 presentations on topics of education, jobs, technology, economic development, and innovation on slideshare. View Jim's latest strategy of technology speech, Primetime IT for the Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communication (TASSCC).

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August 2, 2014, State of Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection, Bob Butler,, Ron Hahn, URS, and Jim Brazell, and on Tech City USA Radio in the Alamo City!

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RADIO - Aug. 5, 2014, State of Cybersecurity from Alamo City Perspective, Birth Place of Cybersecurity, 1949, USAF,

Listen to August 5, 2014, State of Cybersecurity with Peggy Smedley and key guests from US Cyber Command, TEC SEC,, and Raytheon. Hear multiple perspectives on U.S. cybersecurity vulnerability and efforts from San Antonio, Texas in cybersecurity education, workforce, and economic development.

The Alamo City is the birth place of cybersecurity where in 1949, the U.S. Air Force Security Service pioneered the field of information assurance and military cyber operations. The Security Service is the forerunner to the National Security Agency and San Antonio is the birth place Datapoint the designer of the x86 processor architecture (Patent 1972) and token passing for networks (ARCnet).

Breaking News - Congratulations to Maj. Gen. J. Kevin McLaughlin, 24th Air Force commander was just nominated to lieutenant general and for assignment as deputy commander at United States Cyber Command.

Listen to the Peggy Smedly Show where will you will hear multiple perspectives on cybersecurity from: 

Maj. Gen. James K. "Kevin" McLaughlin is the Commander, 24th Air Force and Commander, Air Forces Cyber, Joint Base San Antonio - Lackland, Texas. He was recently selected for reassignment as Deputy Commander, U.S. Cyber Command, Fort Meade, Maryland.

Bob Butler, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy and current Chief Security Officer/Senior Vice President, Mr. Butler served two years as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy, where he was responsible to the Secretary of Defense and senior Defense leaders for recommending and implementing policy strategies to improve the Defense Department's cyber position.

Ed Scheidt's intelligence career began in 1957 when he joined the Army and worked in Signals Intelligence. 
CIA Director William H. Webster referred to Scheidt as "The Deep Throat of Codes." Scheidt is best known for his involvement with Kryptos, a sculpture in the CIA courtyard which contains one of the world's most famous unsolved codes. Ed co-founded TecSec, a software encryption company, in 1990. Ed Scheidt is the Chair person for ANSI x9 Data and Information Security standards for the US financial services. The firm is partnering with a new San Antonio start-up to launch in September 2014.

John Carbone, Ph.D. is the leader of a new movement called Artificial intelligence 2.0 with implications for problems related to information overload and cyber security risk and situational awareness. He is a member of the Society for Design and Process Science ( and a volunteer to the San Antonio cybersecurity initiatives including Cyber Patriot, the nation's premiere high school cybersecurity competition.

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April 6, 2014, National School Boards Association Speaker Jim Brazell lays out a case against the White House Office and Science and Technology Policy for COLLEGE & TECH PREP $100M in funding to return to Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) or be allocated as 30% of OSTP land grab of STEM education budget from Federal Agencies. Read the case made to the Association of Career and Technical Education, a White House Petition, and Texas Democratic leaders in San Antonio, TX:

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