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Jim Alderson
Owner of Nitro Bus R/C & Hobbies
Owner of Nitro Bus R/C & Hobbies

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I think this car will soon break the 200mph ,VERY VERY FAST!!!

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As mentioned in Part 2 I recommend a Electric R/C Car if starting in the R/C Car hobby,the brushed motor combination is a good choice for the cheap entry into the r/c car hobby but it has its limitation's.
This blog we will review the Brushless motor combination and the 2.4 ghz radio system.The brushless motor combination is more expensive than the brushed motor system but maintenance on these motor combination is very minimal.Some of the motor combinations are even water proof.
The average price for a brushless RTR (Ready To Run) ranges from $179.00 to $400.00.
I have included several video showing different types of R/C Cars.
TEAM MAGIC Drifter Zone Vol.2-E4D RX7 circle drift demo
RC ADVENTURES - LEARNING TO DRIFT Part 8 - Still Experimenting with HPI Cars!
Hyper Drift Hawaii: ALOHA! (RC Drift Supreme 2009)
Florida On-Road Gas State Series Race #1, 2011  

As mentioned in Part 1, I recommended to purchase a Hobby Grade RTR (Ready To Run) Electric R/C car. There are many to choose from. The brushed motor version is cheaper available with a A.M. or F.M. radio system average cost ranges between $85.00 to $190.00 for a smaller scale car 1/16 to 1/10th.The Brushed Version motors are great starter motor but the maintenance are high on these motors, some parts of these motors fail frequently such as brushes and armatures. The Radio system that come with these cars require crystals and limited to frequency's, each crystal is assigned a number. When operating your car with other r/c cars it is very important each car has different crystal number this will cause many problem's using same crystal number for 2 or more cars. Listed bellow are R/C cars brands that I recommend.
Redcat Racing
Team Associated

R/C Cars (beginner)
If you have been thinking about getting started into the Radio Controlled Hobby, I would recommend a Electric RTR (Ready to Run) car. Choose a Hobby Grade R/C Car not a toy like what you would find at a discount store.Hobby Grade R/C cars are manufactured of high quality material’s such as aluminum, plastic,carbon fiber and stainless Steel.Parts are easy to replace on a hobby grade R/C Car. Many scale sizes are available 1/18th,1/16th,1/12,1/10,1/8 and 1/5.The smaller  scale cars cost less than the larger scale. Cost for a RTR car ranges from $105.00 to $800.00

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traxxas slash conversion

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Crawler conversion

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Wheel Adapters for your buggy

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Heavy duty clutch assembly for favorite Nitro Engine setup
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