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Here's a little fitness tip for you to start out your week right: People often ask me when the best time of day to work out is... the answer is all about consistency. Studies show that your body gets accustomed to exercise at a certain time of day and in response releases adrenaline and testosterone at that time. These hormones help your muscles process energy more efficiently leading to increased strength and power - ultimately improving your workout, boosting your calorie burn and amping your metabolism. So the best time of day to train is THE SAME TIME OF DAY. Consistency is key!
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That's what I've heard too. I've also been told that in the beginning it doesn't matter what time you are going as long as you're going. Lol
Missed your comments on G+.   Good Information.  Question?  If you start to peak in your weight loss should you change up the time you workout?
I prefer to do workout at morning :)
That makes sense! But wish I knew before! 
Early morning great time to start your day right..boost up, energized, and in good mood to tackle anything through out your day..
Cu Lu
thx . :)
Consistency seems to be the key to a lot of different things in life, from dog training to child raising..
That makes sense, I like evening workouts but was always hounded by others that the best time was x, y, or z! I could never adjust.
Very good , thanks for the great advise :)
Wouldn't it be wiser to tell people to make it inconsistent? Doing different work outs, at different times, for different intervals and intensities causes your body to work, rather than it knowing what's coming and getting prepared for it. I would much rather know that EVERY work out is having a similar positive effect, rather than knowing that what i'm doing has less effect each time I do it.
this is a very useful tip - thanks.  I have been doing MWF mornings and Saturday night.  The whole odd number of days things just kills me.
thanks but you should still be on biggest loser
I would say, best time of day is all day every day :-)
Agree! Your DVDs are fun-difficult! Ive been working out every day - around the same time- n was wondering where the energy/ motivation was coming from. Literally!
The best time to workout is the time you will actually do it.  

Is that consistency?  Sort of.  But I'd say that just starting is more important than battling to get the workouts at the same time.

Start, then get consistent.
I go in the morning before work and now with the 6 11 hour days I have to fit it in.
Inia VN
Great to know... I've work out 3-5 times a week but sometimes its hard to stick to same schedule although, i'm trying. Now I have an added insentive.
Kat A.
:) so that's the secret...I am no morning person so every time I heard someone say that mornings are always the best times to train... I'd always feel deflated ahaha but I would do it. Consistency... I will keep that in mind. Thanks Jill!
How would you do this if you had shiftwork?
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