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Had to share this pic posted by a fan. Priceless.
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I don't blame McDonald's...The doves that "fly" there should take responsibility. ~Mmm, I enjoy some McD fries from time to time :)
Still good humor though gotta admit tht...
Nice !! ( is phat the new thin?? ) l.o.l.
such cute fat birds! GO FAT BIRDIE!
love it, it's so cute and funny, But also a good
there brains are really tiny o they could make a bird revolution!!
thats so funny, I'm trying to put on a couple pounds. how appropriate
This is just wrong. McDonalds are not to blame for obesity. Its people and their parents. I actually lost weight on a McDonalds diet, its got nothing to do with the content, but instead the quantity. People could get fat from subway just as easily - if they tasted better anyway.
This is MOTIVATION to get moving!!!!
Guess that explains "Over A Million Served"! 🍔🍟
The pigeon hasn't seen the MacDonald movie... 
We should really start venturing into healthier food...forget McDonalds, we shouldn't be dependent on crappy fast food.
It's the nastiest unhealthiest restaurant on this planet!
We need to send the little pigeons pizza so they can make signs on the boxes, and yell slogans to the pigeon police.
"The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!"
Am I the only one that sees this as an obvious allusion to the object of Occupy's protests?
That is cute and I love the sign in the back "Mcdonalds, Lions Served"
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