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ok this one is my favorite. truly.
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Ummm - for me that is not ideal - I'm already struggling in that area :/
Bill G
+Jillian Michaels anyway I can getcha to cirle me back Ms. Michaels? I'm sure you have a hectic work schedule so if you can find the time it would be much appreciated :D
I am fat, and fat finds ur boobs! trust me I know, if I could lose weight and make my boobs smaller, I would be super greatful!
I posted this a few weeks ago. I love it!
There is a big difference between BIG boobs and FAT boobs
Keith, big breasts are big because they're full of fat. That's what makes them large. They don't have bags of milk in there. ;)
HAHAHAHA. LOL. So very true and right from the heart.
I don't want the fat in my boobs, either.
me neither..I know guys love big boobs but technically like others said they are fat..Why U think women who play some sports have no boobs..They are all muscle not a inch of fat on them..
Staci. I love boobs of all shapes and sizes, so long as they're on women. As a dude, I'd rather not have an endowed bosom :)
well that's true..LOL..I know some women though who complain that their assets if U will cause their back to hurt..I have never understood the fascination with boobs though and i probably never will..
@wren I am fully aware of your point but I am sure most people know what I am talking about. There are those that make you go "Nice" and then there are others that make you go "they are just big because you are fat.
I'll skip the middle statement if you don't mind. Lol!
too funny! thanks for sharing :)
Love that one.I am so thankful that I have been doing your workout videos every day.My body feels stronger and i feel better.Thanks so much.
where did you find these pictures
Absolutely love it, totally agree x
OMG That's funny! I just noticed yesterday that as I'm losing weight THAT part is shrinking!!! GRRRR
I am litteral lol. My dog is giving me the "you are weird" look.
ha ha ha i don't want it even in my boobs
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