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Buzz & I having a lazy Sunday. What were you up to today? :)
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no lazy sunday for me with me working ful time i had to go workout on day off im sore and tired. errands too. tomorrow is zumba
Planted herbs, chile peppers and (ugh) laundry. Buzz has a GORGEOUS coat.
Getting ready to open The Cleaners, my third store, now in Sherman Oaks
This horse so big
Some fat ankles on that horse. What breed?
I love this. I wish I could go back to horse riding again. I love it. I was going to church and doing work.
Difficult to find out who is more beautiful you or horse?
What are those leg warmer things around his ankles?
And I went for a six-mile bike ride to go grocery shopping. No car = built-in exercise. :)
A great looking Horse!! I have a 25 year young Arabian Mare!! she still looks great!
such an impressive creature....amazing horse
setting up a debate between a Christian Apologist and myself who will represent a polytheistic world view. It's not going as smoothly as originally anticipated, but the content so far is definitely interesting.
Fighting a cold when I should be out cycling. :(
Kasihan tuh kuda...kok dijadikan kasur...
work where else than on my way home pass by the handsome gelding and the white pony
He is beautiful
Buzz is Beautiful! :)🐴
I just made my own laundry detergent. I am telling everyone I can!
I would like cardio tips 4 my workout
Woke up, got the kids ready for school, did dishes, and now at work.
I delivered a load of jet fuel to a airport
Nothing just take my BFF home from the sleepover......:-(
grant writing, deadline for the NNPDF, just made it with 20 minutes to spare,,, ;o) Its midnight here now...
spent the how day driving arond
omg wht is this ?
sleep on horse
I put over 250 miles on the Harley. So I guess I was kinda riding a horse too. Mine just uses a different kind of fuel. :-)
Finished my workout. Time to enjoy the great weather on my balkony.

Sparring, getting ready for my first amateur boxing match. Going harder every day!
We note as an animal happy human being is beautiful
Buzz and you so beautiful
Your horse is so pretty i love horses! What kind of horse is it?
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