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+Trevor Timm and I penned this piece on surveillance sales to authoritarian regimes.
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1st: Multinational Corporations have no loyalty to God or Country.

2nd: When it comes to environmental issues, social policies and labor rights, American companies should have to follow the same rules in other counties as they do here in the U.S.

If peer reviewed science tells us a particular activity is harmful to American human health & safety, it probably means it would be just as harmful in other parts of the world. Science is weird like that.

Under our current capitalist system, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Surveillance Inc. doing business with Arab "Dick Taters".

Don't you understand? There is a magic hand guiding the free market.'s awesome! By being selfish, you help others.... Thanks magic hand!

Dang... we should have "magic hand celebrations, or holidays, or worship service or something for god's sake!
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