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I'm a public-interest INTERN ARCHITECT in the making, ETHNOGRAPHIC RESEARCHER by education, Rebuild Sudan Board PRESIDENT by passion, green building CONSULTANTin practice. I'm a PHOTOGRAPHER of places and cultures, a TRAVELER any chance I get, a natural CONNECTOR, a person of FAITH, and newly minted WIFE. I look for beauty in the everyday and sometimes...I find it. 
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I've had my hair cut on 3 different continents.
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Questions to clarify after doing mine and reading all the other varied advice available (+Ryan NCARB , +Nick NCARB , +Michelle NCARB )

1. A beam is required at shared wall where first floor roof and 2nd floor wall intersect to support the 2nd floor wall even if not needed to support 1st floor joists, correct? (ie shared wall between common area & covered entry on ground floor)
2. So long as beams distances are less than 40', is it preferred for columns to be located at a) perpendicular wall intersections, b) to line up with other column lines even if that means in the middle of the wall, or c) it does it matter... ? (ie in the bottom of wall separating shop 1 & 2 rather than in line with columns framing the left side of the covered entry)
3.  Clearstory windows (and window walls?) need to be supported with a beam on the first floor even if it's on an outside wall, correct? (Mike's guidance states I may have a mistake in mine and should locate a beam on the 1st floor plan on the left side of the common areas between the corner columns to support the window above)

Thanks! JK
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That is helpful. thanks +Ryan NCARB 
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