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Capture the scents of the season with these homemade fire starters! All you need is a few herbs and spices, some newspaper, and a bit of twine.
I love the scents of the season! Spices, herbs, citrus, evergreens, cranberries… they mix and mingle to create the cosy and comforting aroma of the holidays. I’ve done a post or two in the past on how to recreate that scent in your home, but today’s idea is a bit different. Read More: My Favorite ...
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Learn how easy it is to make adorable oversized ornaments to add to your Christmas decor. Minimal effort for maximum visual impact!
As soon as I saw the idea for these oversized Christmas ornaments, I knew I wanted a set to decorate the windows of our studio. I’ve always been drawn to whimsical Christmas decorations, so these ornaments appealed to me immediately. Plus, it’s the kind of project that is right up my alley; it’s quick, easy, ...
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I have a complicated relationship with Black Friday. On the one hand, I love a good deal, and if you play your cards right you can save a LOT of money by shopping Black Friday sales. But on the other hand, I don’t love having to brave the hoards of angry shoppers, or stand in ...
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Check out these DIY versions of items on Oprah's Favorite Things list. Get inspired, and then get crafting, baking, and creating!
Every year I look forward to perusing Oprah’s annual “Favorite Things” list. Part product recommendation and part gift guide, Oprah’s Favorite Things list is one of my favorite resources to turn to for gifting inspiration. (Whether you end up inspired by something you want to give, or something you want to receive… that’s another story!) ;-) But even though ...
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If you're looking for a gluten-free or low-carb pumpkin pie, look no further! This crustless pumpkin pie is the creamy and delicious answer.
Perhaps you’re already thinking to yourself, “Jillee, why on earth would I want to make a crustless pumpkin pie?? It’s blasphemy!” Well I’m glad you asked! I came up with three reasons why you might want to make a crustless pumpkin pie, starting with the reason I made it… because you or someone you love can’t ...
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Removing Scratches From Dishes
If you’ve had a set of light colored dishes for a while, you’ve probably noticed a fair amount of grey scratches from metal use. In the past this would mean starting the search for a new set of dishes. But not anymore! ;-) Those scratched dishes are still perfectly good, and there’s a simple fix for ...
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Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas is a simple way to enjoy time together as a family this holiday season. Here are 10 different ways to do it!
There are a million different ways to countdown to Christmas with your family. Advent calendars and Elf on the Shelf are incredibly popular these days, but I’ve always been a fan of doing the “12 Days of Christmas.” The idea is simple enough – do some sort of Christmas-y activity as a family every day for the ...
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3 Fun Games To Liven Up Your Holiday Party
At one of our recent One Good Thing By Jillee Christmas Parties, we played 3 games that ended up being so much fun I decided to turn them into a blog post! I’m sure many of you will be hosting, or going to, holiday parties in the next several weeks, and if you’re looking for some ...
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The holidays seem to become more and more centered around shopping, spending, and buying every year. So I thought I would jump off the shopping treadmill for a few minutes today to reflect on the things I’m thankful for that don’t have a price tag. Of which there are MANY! I’d love to hear your additions in ...
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There's nothing more comforting that a creamy cup of hot chocolate on a cold day. This Crockpot Hot Chocolate is the best I've ever tasted!
This isn’t the first time that I’ve shared this recipe here on the blog, but it’s definitely one that’s worth re-sharing. In fact, this hot chocolate recipe is one of the most popular recipes I’ve ever shared! A few years ago, I had asked on Facebook for your best ideas for dealing with cold, snowy ...
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There's still time to make some gorgeous place cards for your Thanksgiving table. Check out these 8 place card ideas that your guests will love.
I’ve always made it a point to decorate the dinner table a bit on holidays, even when my only “guests” are Dave and the kids. Even adding one or two decorative elements can make your holiday meal feel extra special! Place cards are one of my go-to decor choices for a holiday table, for a ...
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How To Make An All-Natural Conditioning Furniture Polish
When we renovated our living/family room a few years ago, we knew we wanted to replace some of our old pieces of furniture. I love Scandinavian design, so I already had my eye on a few different pieces from IKEA. I also loved IKEA’s prices, which would allow us to stretch our budget. My husband, ...
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After having been to Dr. Thompson for both a surgical procedure (eyelid surgery) and injections, I can't recommend him high enough! After two other less-than-satisfactory visits with other plastic surgeons, Dr. Thompson was a godsend! I trust him implicitly. He never tries to pressure me into something I don't want to do and I feel completely comfortable with what he recommends. His experience and expertise are obvious. I'm afraid he's stuck with me for life! :-)
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