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If you don't know me personally then go to my other G+ profile - thanks
If you don't know me personally then go to my other G+ profile - thanks
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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas

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For +caturday - Bobo hasn't moved out of the cats cradle all day!!

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Ghost Town?

Try circling some people who post content you like.

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Thanks to +Victor Bezrukov for this post - loads of useful links to helps explore G+ useful for newbies
"105 items - not for one day reading - this knowledgebase need ver serious serious approach and attention !"

WARNING!! : Long Post, Too Complex!!
View on Full Screen for a better view : Click Here -->

1. 10 Great Ways to Get Discovered on Google+ by +Louis Gray :
2. 10 Important Tips for Google+ Beginners by +Michelle Marie :
3. 11 Google+ directories to help you make more Friends by +Creative Web Design :
4. 40+ Reasons Why Google+ is better by +rahul roy :
5. 5 Reasons Why Google+ Is NOT a Ghost Town by +Jon Cilley :
6. 5 Things I Learned at MySpace that Could Help Google+ by +Tom Anderson :
7. 50 Things a +1 Can Mean by +Google+ :
8. 50+ Google+ Hangout Ideas by +GPlusTuts :
9. 6 Google+ Tips for Businesses :
10. 80 Users Google+ Photographers Need To Follow by +Jarek Klimek :

11. 9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+ :
12. A Full list of Google+ Features by +Shamil Weerakoon :
13. A Message to the Media and Bloggers That Continue to Harp on G+ Usage by +Marc Razia :
14. About sharing later by +Jaana Nyström :
15. Advice for new or dissatisfied G+ users by +Gregg Sakauye :
16. An important Google+ Search Tip by +Melody Lynn :
17. Best Time to post on Google+ by +Gabriel Vasile :
18. Can G+ catch Facebook? by +Marc Razia :
19. Circle here, circle there? by +Jaana Nyström :
20. Circle Management 101 - 4 Types of Circles by +Gregory Allan :

21. Comment More by +Christina Trapolino :
22. Creating, Using & Promoting Google+ Pages properly by +Gabriel Vasile :
23. Creating Your Conceptual Vision of Your G+ Network by +Gregory Allan :
24. Dear new Google+ user by +Cora Triton :
25. Different Types of Posts by +Peter G McDermott :
26. Directories to help make more friends by +Gabriel Vasile :
27. Don't expect people to follow you back on Google Plus by +Gregory Allan :
28. Don't Worry About Google, Facebook Had Challenges Too by +Gregory Allan :
29. Facts about G+ Notifications by +GPlusTuts :
30. FAQs that Never Gets Asked by +Carmelyne Thompson :

31. Finding Your Place in a Google+ Community by +Billy Wilson :
32. EDIT Google Discovery Center by +Denis Labelle :
33. Get discovered on Google+ by +Louis Gray :
34. Getting More People to use Google+, Part I by +Ryan Crowe :
35. Getting More People to use Google+, Part II by +Ryan Crowe :
36. Getting More People to use Google+, Part III by +Ryan Crowe :
37. Google+ 101 by +Melody Lynn :
38. Google Business Solutions by +Denis Labelle :
39. Google+ Discuss by +Denis Labelle :
40. Google+ Guide for Newbies by +Shamil Weerakoon :

41. Google+ Guides & Tips for Newbies (especially writers & illustrators) by +Debbie Ohi :
42. Google+ for the Average Facebook User by +Ahmed Zeeshan :
43. Google+ Hangouts by +Johnathan Chung :
44. Google+ Hangouts and the Future of Customer Service by +Ryan Crowe :
45. Google+ "In Groups" and "Popularity Contests" by +David Piper :
46. Google+ is All about Quality by +Gabriel Vasile :
47. Google+ is Google's answer to Facebook by +Gideon Rosenblatt :
48. Google+ Needs to Realize the Value in the Communities Formed Here by +Billy Wilson :
49. Google+ Pages Discuss by +Denis Labelle :
50. Google+ SEO & Google SPYW – The Ultimate Resource List by +Ivan Dimitrijević :

51. Google+ Starter Pack by +Ahmed Zeeshan :
52. Google+ Terms and Definitions You Need to Know :
53. Google+ Tips & Tricks by +Shamil Weerakoon :
54. Google+ Tips, Tricks and Strategies by +Gideon Rosenblatt :
55. Google+ Tips Compilation by +Akasha Tsang :
56. Google+ Tips: A Post Can Be Anything by +M Sinclair Stevens :
57. Google+ Newbie Tips by +Sarah Rios :
58. Google+ Video Tutorials by +Denis Labelle :
59. Guide for G+ Newbies by +Jeremy Baugh :
60. Guide to Google+ Circles by +Shamil Weerakoon :

61. Hangouts on Air by +Lynette Young :
62. Hangouts with Extras by +Google+ Your Business :
63. Helpful resource for new and old Google+ users by +Ryan Crowe :
64. How can I find some cool people to circle? by +Dolidh Young :
65. How to attract the circling motion by +Jaana Nyström :
66. How to create bookmarks or save favorite posts in Google+? :
67. How to find a Shared Circle by +rahul roy :
68. How to find amazing people on G+ using +CircleCount by +Gabriel Vasile :
69. How to find People on Google+ with same interests & passions by +Carmelyne Thompson :
70. How to Get Circled by +Rehan Ahmad :

71. How to Get Your Facebook Friends Over To Google+ by +Michelle Marie :
72. How to Get People to Circle You by +Armando Lioss :
73. How to import your Facebook Photos to Google+ by +Gabriel Vasile :
74. How to Increase YOUR Engagement on Google+ by +Steve Hall :
75. How to use Google+ - Video by +Peter G McDermott :
76. How to write a successful post by +Hugo Fernandes :
77. If I Were Starting Out On Google+ Today by +Anthony Fox :
78. Important views on commenting by +Jaana Nyström :
79. Is your Google+ quiet? by +Jaana Nyström :
80. Introduction To Google+ Pages by +Denis Labelle :

81. Keeping up with the volume when you become more popular on Google+ by +Anthony Russo :
82. Learn from What's Hot by +Google+ Your Business :
83. Making Google+ Easier For Beginners to Find Communities by +Billy Wilson :
84. Massive New to Google+ list by +Paul Spoerry :
85. No space to follow all the Google+ pages? by +Ryan Schultz :
86. No stealing posts from others! by +rahul roy :
87. Public Circles Project by +Jarek Klimek :
88. Reshare: Public or limited? by +Jaana Nyström :
89. Revisiting Old Tips by +Ryan Crowe :
90. Share your problems: Whom to ask? by +Gabriel Vasile :

91. Social Media Butterflies Migrating to Google+ by +Peter G McDermott :
92. Starter Kit for Google+ Newbies by +Michelle Marie :
93. Ten circle tips to help improve your Stream & G+ Experience by +matthew rappaport :
94. The Google+ Netiquettes by +Ahmed Zeeshan :
95. The Google+ Welcome Wagon by +Christina Trapolino :
96. The visual Start-up guide by +Saidur Hossain :
97. Tip For Circling New People by +Rehan Ahmad :
98. Tips for G+ Newbies by +Linda Lawrey :
99. Ultimate G+ Collection by +Johnathan Chung :
100. Use Google+ Search effectively by +Shamil Weerakoon :

101. Understanding Google+ by +Gabriel Vasile :
102. Want To See The Magic of Google Plus? by +Amanda Blain :
103. What lingo to use to promote your Google+ Business Page by +Up Your Plus :
104. Why Google+ Can Make You Forget About Your Friends Not Being on It by +Jon Cilley :
105. Why you need to be active on Google+ by +Gregory Allan :

--☛ I know I haven't included all. Please use the following link to enter your Google+ Help Post to the Directory.

Thank You!!
#googleplushelp #googleplustips #ddstips

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Thanks +Sarah Hill for sharing "Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off our goals...." helping getting me up & going this morning!
Have a challenge that needs to be tackled? Watch this, then go kick its ass.

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Wish I'd had this years ago when I was in software dev

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A couple of snaps from this afternoons walk - caught a fabulous sunset
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