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Hello Nikon photogs. Any D850 owners in this group? I would like to know your impressions on the camera as Im ripped between the D850 or the Sony A7r iii

I'm having issues in my settings, some things I change will revert back to default after I exit the settings.

For example I removed the sound for notifications coming from WhatsApp but I when I exit it it reverts back to sound notification. I also will have an app revert back when I try to remove an app from being monitored by Samsung's aggressive battery saving setting.

Anyone else experience this? I'm thinking of factory resetting but I want to leave it for a last resort as I have a million apps to deal with 🤕


It looks like the issue is either with WhatsApp it self or the cache, I cleared the phones cache and so far so good. Plus I think I got the battery thing wrong I had to add the app I didn't want the phone to put to sleep into the list that the phone will allow to never sleep.

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I think this is it! Please be bugless!

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This is as close as they would let me get.

Shot on Note 8

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Latest setup, also have Google keep widget on another screen on the left and email and calendar widget on the right screen.

Pixelise theme from Samsung store (navigation)
Nova Launcher
Mellow Dark icon set
Have no idea where I got the wall from

I have a client wanting me to create a page where members can book a meeting with a person from a list of individuals. The individual will have to be contacted by email to setup the meeting.

Does anyone know the best process to do this? I was thinking I need a membership plugin of some sort (any suggestions would be appreciated) and then setup a page that was restricted to only members with the list of individuals. And then setup a mailto click.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

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The hottest live wallpaper for these AMOLED screens.

Update: it's a bit of a battery hog

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Shot this Hyper lapse outside my office yesterday using the Hyper lapse feature baked into the camera. It's nice but it's missing a lot of features, it only allows you to change speed. No manual settings at all.

Still looks really nice though.

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When I watch this video by Digital Foundry in horizontal mode (full screen) my display Changes to full brightness. Can someone else check?

Any one else lose that button that stretches the video on YouTube? Woke up and it's not there anymore.
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