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please help me with unlock code of huawei E173u-1, IMEI:860604009980655
please im trying to unlock Huawei E5330. i use the version 201 unlock code yet its showing failed. Here is the imei and unlock that it generated that i used.
Model No. : E5330Bs-2
IMEI : 865706022479915
NEW UNLOCK CODE : 36092671
still it didnt work. pls what should i do?
my email is
Photon Max wifi 3 G 

IMEI : 862869027364731
Model : E8231s-1
UNLOCK Code : ???
huawei E3531 USB 3g telenor unlock code

Device:   E3531

IMEI:     864576011928573

IMSI:      410060412356081

My number:  Unknown

Hardware version: CH1E3531SM

software version:   22.318.31.00.274

Web Ul version:

LAN MAC address:  00:0D:87:8E:4B:AC

WAN IP Address:
add me skype id
janu amad
Hi,please i want to decode hwawei modem E3276 can you help me?
HI Jigar, Can you please help me by sharing unlock code for : Model No. : E5373s-155
IMEI : 865103023716596
NEW ALGO CODE : 41874207
OLD ALGO CODE : 54185930
FLASH CODE : 34698589
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