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please help me with new hash and new algo nck of huawei E173u-1, IMEI:860604009980655. please
ghg ghg
huawei e303b-1 zain sudan 860530010703713
I think I have a problem, I can't find SIM settings in the .... 

Am I doing anything wrong? or what?
Please can you unlock my Huawei >>> Model :E5372Ts-22
IMEI :862557022083212
S/N: 8002202000008170

Saudi Arabia
My email
Pleaseeeeeeee 😍😘

Hey Jigar,

I need to unlock my modem E173cs-1. I am stuck on unlocking the modem in the modem code writer. I have tried with all the given algo codes both new and old but still I am not able to unlock the modem. Kindly give me the proper unlock code. Following is the error each and every time

Send Unlock Command… ERROR

Model No. E173cs-1
IMEI No. 863791010354884
NEW ALGO CODE :14110256
OLD ALGO CODE : 64479701
FLASH CODE :63799646
NEW UNLOCK CODE : 17245599
I need to unlock my modem too E303
hi there ???anybody can help me and how much i pay to unlock my modem huawei
i have huawie B683, From Mobily .
IMEI : 867889000767754
my unlock code is 37980818 and flash code is 65051168
while i m using FMC unlock Software for it.
but the issue is when i press UNLOCK button, error shown on the Screen is ( Password is Wrong) Plzzzz  help me
please help me unlock my huawei B681-24 router with Imei: 869205014417989
Please could help me unlock 
  - Manufacturer    :huawei
  - Model        :E3531
  - Revision    :21.318.27.00.429
  - Phone IMEI    :860556021804059
Hi! I need help desperately. IMEI is 861145017548802 and the model is E3131.
Photon Max wifi 3 G 

IMEI : 862869027364731
Model : E8231s-1
UNLOCK Code : ???
e5372s unlock please
hello, ur site is down
Hi Patel, can you help me unlock huawei e 5372, please
pls help me...have wrote to your site but no response pls have tried all I can using all the old, new and even flash code but still not working... pls helpe

new alog:92549176
old alog:40730711
flash code:46482594
need help sir... how unlock my huwaei e5372s.. big thanks

Device name:e5577chuawei                                  IMEI:867262024897439                                         UNLOCK OLD:hi sir...can i ask your help to unlocked my..HUAWEI thank you so much
Hi I already buy from you more credits to open Huawei router but you did not answer me 
Ren Ren
Need help boss...
Model No. : E5330
IMEI : 860963032169698
NEW ALGO CODE : 59852989
OLD ALGO CODE : 40895046
FLASH CODE : 46190509

HI, the codes not work, model detail E5330Bs-2

help me unlock this modem
jigar bhai aapde e5577 unlock krvu che huwaei routerr

Please help, unable to generate the code from website.
IMEI 860650026546789
Model : 5172As
IMEI: 869763011966713
Please I need to unlock it
Thank you 
IMEI:867638022194616 MODEL:E823 please unlock it thank you
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