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[5:51am, 05/09/2014] Good morning
[5:53am, 05/09/2014] Sir I want unlock My Haewei moderm I link to ur web site, I was able to generate the NCk
[5:55am, 05/09/2014] But My problem How should I Insert it into moderm to unluck
[5:57am, 05/09/2014] I need tutorial on article or on youtube I will very greatful if u will assist. Thanks
how are you jigar pls help me on how to downgrade or upgrade my huawei modelE5372Ts-601
Photon Max wifi 3 G 

IMEI : 862869027364731
Model : E8231s-1
UNLOCK Code : ???
please i need the unlock code for a hauwei modem E303 with an IME:861862005889937.thanks
Please I need the unlock for Vodafone Huawei Wifi Router R201
IMEI: 352664040225564
Today at 10:48am
The device is locked. To obtain the SIM lock code, contact your service provider. After the correct code is entered, the device will reset automatically. However, if an incorrect code is entered on 10 successive attempts, the device will be locked permanently. SIM lock code: Remaining attempts: 0 THIS TYPE MESSEE IS THERE HELP ME OUT MODEL O E5573 HUAWEI IME NO 866162027120139
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