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Jean-Christophe “Jice” Lavocat
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How to deliver your content upgrades for free on Wordpress
I have been looking around for a while before finding the good setup that allows me to collect emails and deliver content upgrades automatically.
Most of the solutions were costly.
Instead, I managed to find something that fits my need for free.

#wordpress #contentMarketing #contentUpgrade 

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Avoid Social Fatigue
Do you post on social media too much? It's hard to know of course, people won't tell you, they will just unfollow you. So, think about this, and try to avoid to flood your followers with too many updates.

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Get paid to receive offers in your inbox
After paid social networks (like Tsu), 21 is reinventing mailboxes. You can now get paid to open and read ads.

I'm not a big fan of this concept (I receive already so many spam), but who knows, this might be a great experiment.

Register at:

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Help A Reporter Out
Today I've decided to re-register to HARO to try getting some PR exposure :

When you register on the website as a source you'll receive daily emails with requests from journalists. If you can 'help them' by providing stories or data for their article, they might mention you back by citing your brand.

The last time I tried, I never received requests that I could answer with added value. I wish this time it'll be better.

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How is SEO improved by Machine Learning?
Is Your SEO Ready for the Machine Learning Revolution?

Learn how machine learning is revolutionizing search at Google, and the strategies you need for your SEO as a result.

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Elokenz - Repost your best content automatically
The app is still a Beta version, but we're heading toward our first 1000 users.
9 out of 10 of our users say they are recommending it to friends.
Have you tried it?

Hey there, I'm back on G+ ... and I am now forced to have the new interface.

Is there a guide to master it? It still don't get how to filter content?
Is it now like facebook with so many filters applied that you never see the same timeline twice?

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How we defined the core values of our startup
I have decided to share the method we used with Fanny to define our startup values at +Elokenz . I wrote a Medium post to give you some help if you are also trying to get stronger roots for your startup.

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Get your business seen on Facebook
An #infographic   about how to get visible on #Facebook #Facebook   , organically or via #advertising   .

Source :

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