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Awww yeah. Day off work = Day on Feral!

After the 70 page dumper I've gone over the backgrounds and classes and tried to tighten up the way the Proficiencies are organised and handed out. Here's the current list.

I think I've locked down the 10 classes to:

The Assassin
The Handler
The Hunter
The Investigator
The Machiner
The Ninja
The Psychic
The Solider
The Spy
The Zerker

Also, after yakking with +Stephen Brewer about the Time Traveller background (he is somewhat qualified on this matter) I now have to do a Godling background. Seeesh.

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So, uh, 70 pages of new work-in-progress PDF material just got dropped on $3+ Patreon Backers. Good time to sign up!
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So, uh, 70 pages of new work-in-progress PDF material just got dropped on $3+ Patreon Backers. Good time to sign up!

The [NEMESIS] Generator in action.... with insignia.

Patholian Breedings
— featuring a bronze Behemoth carte oblique on a hexagon with a globe covering one eye

Chromorex Ministries
— featuring a white Dinosaur passant reguardant on a inverted triangle

Quixomidian Division
— featuring a red Harpy dormant on a inverted triangle with a skull under its feet

Quixotrax Manufacturing
— featuring a bronze Man salient on a inverted triangle with a map on its brow

Paraxorg Pharmaceutical
— featuring a two-colored Child addorsed with a skull in its paw

Viviban Biotech
— featuring a orange Simurgh displayed on a bar with a helix in its paw

Combixian Breedings
— featuring a bronze Ettin combatant with a shield covering its belly

Orgomidian Pharmaceutical
— featuring a orange Cockatrice carte profile on a rectangle

Xandarex Industrial
— featuring a silver Cerebus statant on a hexagon with a scepter in its mouth

Vectoxyme House
— featuring a crimson Juggernaut combatant on a hexagon

Melagenix Agency
— featuring a dark grey Merman/Mermaid rampant on a bar with a helm below it

Xakizac Systems
— featuring a multi-colored Tarasque sejant affronté

Hexotrax Laboratories
— featuring a ruby Cockatrice statant

Immunotex Paranauticals
— featuring a amber Lamassu dormant

Benecell Laboratories
— featuring a purple Dinosaur passant reguardant

Chromostrux Logistics
— featuring a dark grey Tarasque displayed on a triangle with a scales covering its belly

Pathoxyme Systems
— featuring a purple Maelstrom passant guardant on a inverted triangle with a crystal on its chest

Pazumar Trust
— featuring a navy Kinnara combatant

Stemcon Pharmaceutical
— featuring a crimson Cerebus naissant

Vectoxel Organization
— featuring a magenta Kraken displayed with a flame on its brow

Taking a breather from the backgrounds to work on the Nemesis generator, which is guidelines for setting up a big bad enemy organisation. Question for those hanging out at the mo, would you prefer a single name column, or a two column splice-em-together name which vastly increases the variety, but sometimes comes up with great names and sometimes sucky ones...

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Day off work = Day on Feral (woot!)

I have listened to this album so many times while working on it that I can't fire up my writey bits without listening to it first.

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Very in depth review of +James Maliszewski 's The Cursed Chateau by LotFP, for which I did all interior illustrations, graphic design and cartography. Along with Death Frost Doom, the best example I've produced so far of +Zak Sabbath Information Design principles for DMs at the game table and one of the books of which I'm most proud. Thx +Ben Milton for the review!
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Sorry, totally showing off this very fucking amazing gift I received this weekend.


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There goes another one... with progress update on the Backgrounds section.
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