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Large website projects usually don't turn out as planned

Did your brand new website not turn out the way you expected? It's better to scrap it and start over than to waste time and money trying to apply fixes that will never correctly do the job.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, learn how a paid membership to a business directory website could bring your store lots of new business, if implemented properly. No one will want to use the directory site if it only has the same information found elsewhere. Information consistency across all the business listings will play an important part in keeping visitor attention. Users will stay longer if the information is more detailed than other thin directories, but those same users will get frustrated if only a handful of businesses have details while all the rest are blank business profiles. Click here for more: Is your retail jewelry store listed on any business directory websites?

#Jewelers #BusinessDirectories #UsefulInformation #InformationConsistency

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Outline for an Ecommerce Plan

Hoping to launch an ecommerce website soon? You should start by writing your ecommerce business plan.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, learn why the first step towards ecommerce is to develop a business plan. Many business owners usually don't bother keeping their business plan updated because they've learned how to grow and change slowly through the years as customer needs have changed. However, those same established businesses often forget to return to their roots when they consider expanding into new business approaches, like ecommerce. Click here for more: Are you ready for ecommerce?

#ECommerce #Jewelers #BusinessPlan #PlanningAhead

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Embrace Change to Prevent Business Stagnation

If your business is stagnant and unable to grow, then it's probably time to reexamine your processes and implement new ideas.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, learn why it’s time to outsource some of your business duties. Technology is constantly evolving, and your customers expect your store to keep up. If you’re a jeweler, it doesn’t make sense for you to take on every aspect of running your business on your own. Click here to learn which tasks you should be focusing on tackling yourself, and which ones you should consider outsourcing to a professional: Does your retail jewelry store outsource many tasks?

#BusinessTechnology #Outsourcing #Jewelers #JewelryStoreWebsite

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6 Common Website Problems

Your website isn't a one-time job. It needs to grow and evolve over time to best meet the needs and expectations of your customers.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, take a look at the six most common mistakes made by owners of websites for small businesses. Many small business websites are set up and quickly forgotten about. Updating your website doesn't simply mean changing a few words here and there; you actually need to add something new to your site on a regular basis. This "fresh" content usually refers to new blog posts and changes to your home page, but for retail stores it also refers to updating and adding of new products in your catalog on a regular basis. Click here for more: How often do you update your online catalog?

#Jewelers #WebsiteUpdates #OnlineCatalog #WebsiteUsability

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Time to Admit When You Need Help

Business owners shouldn't do everything. Outsourcing the right work will lead to better business.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, take a fresh look at how you’re running your retail jewelry store, and consider hiring outside help. Internet marketing is more complex than ever before, and changing every day. Learn why it’s time to stick to what you do best, and hire someone to help you with the rest. Click here for more: Have you hired outside help for your retail jewelry store’s online marketing?

#Jewelers #Delegate #HireAPro #Marketing

Watch, Learn, Change, Adapt, or Just Die

Businesses that don't learn what customers expect of them or plan for continual change are doomed to inevitable failure.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, learn why retail jewelry stores are going out of business at an alarming rate. The nature of retail sales has changed because consumer behaviors have changed at the speed of new technology, while leaving retail stores behind. The internet allows consumers to quickly price shop identical items and make a purchase decision based on return policies and free shipping. Click here for more: Are you prepared for whatever comes next?

#Jewelers #ecommerce #technology #ProductCatalog

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The Ever Changing Reality of Facebook

Small businesses shouldn't bother with Facebook unless they are boosting posts, paying for ads, engaging with customers, and using social media tools; otherwise it's a waste of time.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, take a look at a strategy designed for you to get the most out of your Facebook advertising. It used to be free to get your business out there on Facebook, but algorithm changes have made it harder and harder for your posts to be seen. Learn what you need to be doing to get the best ROI on your Facebook ads. Click here for more: Are you using Facebook to its fullest?

#Jewelers #Facebook #FacebookAdvertising #ROI

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The Marriage of Websites and Social Media

The new normal for online marketing includes routine website updates and social media engagement with your customers.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, Even though your website is the cornerstone of your online marketing, all retail industries are being forced to learn how to maintain long term relationships with their customers through the social networks that the customers choose to use.
A standalone business website is no longer enough. Click here for more: Does your Social Media activity drive customers to your website?

#SocialMedia #Jewelers #Websites #CustomerReach

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Which to choose: Good AdWords or FB Ads

Need to increase brand awareness on a small ad budget? Facebook Ads are your best bet.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, take a look at the similarities, and differences, between Facebook advertising and Google AdWords. When you compare AdWords accurate targeting method on to the Facebook custom audiences you'll find that Facebook ads will probably cost less than $1 per click compared to $8 to $22 for AdWords. Similar to AdWords, the response rate on ads targeted to saved audiences will be lower than more generic targeting, but it should also yield the same quality sales leads. Click here for more: Which one is right for you?

#Jewelers #AdWords #FaceBookAds #OnlineAdvertising

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There's Gold in Your Website Reports

Traditional advertising to get people into your store is more difficult than ever. Figuring out what traditional marketing works and what doesn't work is very difficult, and expensive. On the other hand, there are plenty of online reporting methods to help you improve sales from your website.

In today’s blog from +jWAG, take a look at why it’s so important to read the reports your website generates. Relatively speaking, tracking your website, social media, and customer engagements online is much easier than tracking results of your billboard and other ads. You might believe that online tracking is rocket science, but you don't need to know how the rocket works in order to see the results. You can hire rocket scientists to work for you, and then all you need to do is look at the reports. Click here for more: Do you read your website reports?

#Jewelers #WebsiteReports #InternetMarketing #eCommerce

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