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I'm especially fond of number 5! Social media people get so excited about big data and tracking everything, but I think that they sometimes forget what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that tracking. 

In an era where more can be tracked than ever before, we have to take every precaution to respect the audience’s privacy. Often, in marketing, we put measurability and efficacy above reason--and, in the process, we don’t push ourselves to think critically about how we, and our technology and research partners, are monitoring audiences. Further, as we turn audiences into quantitative data, we too often dehumanize them in the process. That means we find ourselves risking having more information about the audience than ever before yet knowing them even less. We have to balance what data can tell us, and how we gather it, with that ability to listen to, and empathize with, the audience we seek to reach."
Now that you've made resolutions to make yourself a better person it's time to think about how you can make your marketing more audience-centered in...

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I'm looking forward to this.
I interview Social Media Practitioner and Community Manager, at Social Media Farm, Jewel Fryer and long time blogger BlogBloke about "Facebook Power For Your Business" tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern, 5:00 pm Pacific time, on my "Blog Business Success Radio' show, hosted on BlogtalkRadio.

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If you post things on Craigslist then you want to use +PostMaven! 
PostMaven is now open for business! Head over to and create your free account today. Private beta has just been lifted and we welcome all of you to create a FREE account and start creating great looking ads for Craigslist and eBay in 10 minutes or less.
Post maven provides easy to use free templates and designs allowing sellers to post professional looking ads on Craigslist.
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Then this isn't for you. :)

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My mother hired a moving company, +SouthSide Moving and Storage to move a couch in her house. They were unable to make the move because the couch was to big for the doorway and they ripped it in the process. They took her money anyway, and in the 3 weeks since have given her the run around about coming to fix it. She is extremely frustrated.

I called and ask them to at least return her phone calls and do the right thing by showing up as promised. I also said that I didn't want to waste time writing reviews and taking it to Twitter and Facebook. Paul the operational manager yelled at me and accused me of threatening him. When I suggested he work on his manners he hung up on me. 

What has happened to customer service? Does it even exist anymore?
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I'm sorry to hear about this, there are always people who are overcome by their own difficulties. It's amazing to me that many of these people run small businesses. They aren't evil, but they do have their own demons to wrestle with.

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Now you can share links to your files and folders in your #Dropbox  with friends who don't have a Dropbox account. But wait, isn't that the best way to get more space? Just joking Dropbox, sorta. 
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+Stephanie Bird 50G!?! Dang! I wish I got in that early. I must say I love it when companies make it worth it to be an early adopter. 

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I love being a Community Manager as my friends at +My Community Manager know. But some days are laden with difficult personalities and internet related issues. For a little while today it was like that and then I got a sweet message here on #gooogleplus  from +Diane Bjorling that said:
 "Hey +Jewel Fryer - when you get a person following you, you get this great notification which gives you the option to say I am saying hi...hello and hey.... how are ya?
It reminded me why I do this. There are some really nice people in the world and social media has allowed me to find a few.
It reminded me of +kelly lieberman +Cedar Brown +Tim McDonald +Linda Bernstein +Peg Fitzpatrick +Beki Winchel +Carrie Keenan +Sherrie Rohde +Anne Reuss +DJ Thistle and +Blog Bloke to name a few. 
Thank you all for making my work more like play.
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You are ahead of me this morning. I need to catch up. 

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Kitty, kitty, kitty!! 

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All the new stuff on G+. Thanks +Peg Fitzpatrick!!!!
Google+ gets even more visual. Check out the updated features. 

1. New tab for local reviews and +1's
2. Pimped out About section with separate cards for each section
3. Bigger cover photo at 2120 px by 1192 px — a huge benefit for all the G+ photogs
4. The profile avatar is now a circle
5. A nice section stays at the top of the profile page when you are looking at people's content
6. A hover card to check out peoples details from your profile.

Wow, Google+. Color me really excited! What do you think of the new features?

A great cover photo, bio and avatar are even more important. How are yours looking?

More here:

#HolyKaw #GooglePlusUpdates
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+Jewel Fryer It's even more pretty now. :)

Jewel Fryer

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Great perspective by +Blog Bloke 
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Always a good read.

Jewel Fryer

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A great list of ways to use communities here on +Google+ by +Malhar Barai for +12 Most! via +Peg Fitzpatrick 
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Glad you liked them +Jewel Fryer . Thanks!!

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Google+ Communities are here! Watching this hangout about them before I'm in a hangout to learn more. Thanks +Cedar Brown for posting this. 
Google+ Communities - Here Is Why It Will Change EVERYTHING!

Talking Google+ Communities on a Hangout on Air today!

Google+ Communities - What You Need to Know

Over the last several weeks I have been in multiple discussions with Google employees, Google+ super users and pretty much everyone in social media discussing how Google+ could catch and surpass Twitter and Facebook.  Well, today Google+ released that product - Google+ Communities.

The biggest limitation to Google+ is the inability to direct outgoing posts to a specific audience.  As I have stated many times, I would love to go into "Twitter" or interest mode during a college football game and post short bursts of meaningful information.  Unfortunately, my following on Google+ does not want to see Jesse Wojdylo talking about sports at a clip of 20 posts per hour.  They would rather see long, well thought out posts like this one.  This limited me in my niche of sports, finance and events.

That has all changed with Google+ communities.  I will now have the ability to create a community of sports fans in which I am the moderator.  If the fans do not like my high level of activity during sporting events they can simply leave the community or not check the community page during major events that I am watching or attending.  I know, I know, but Jesse why don't you just use Twitter.  Well, here is why....

"There are four modes for creating a Google+ Community, two public and two private. All content from public groups is indexed and discoverable through search on Google+. You can create a public group that anyone can join and post to or one where only moderators can post but anyone can comment and view. You can also create a private group that is members only but which can be discovered by search."

Yes. Yes! YES!!!

If you look at some of my past discussions this is exactly what we have all been looking for.  The ability to have a private discussion with a specific group that can also be discovered in search.  I cannot even express how amazing this is.  When I am going crazy and posting about the BCS National Championship game all of my following will not see it but those searching phrases on Google+ will see the community and recognize me as a "somewhat" expert on this subject.  YES!

Google+, you did it.  You did exactly what we asked and I cannot thank you enough.  

#googleplus   #googlecommunities  

Jewel Fryer

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I believe in growing my social network organically.
I'm a Freelance Social Media Manager and I have a small organic farm in California.
I'm also a wife and mother of 2. 

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