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Contact Information
Contact info
+1 307 677 8000
646 County Road 100 Alpine WY 83128
Safety ⋅ Communication ⋅ Success™
Jetvend® is an FAA registered Aircraft Dealer Certificate Number D004273.

JETVEND group originated in October, 2007. Jetvend offers aircraft broker services and deal making experience in the world of aircraft sales. Our service is based on superb communication with our clients, mission and purpose based sales or acquisition strategy, and an interest in your success. Contact us about:
  • Jetvend can represent your aircraft for sale in the market and get results. We communicate every step and detail with our clients. When it comes to the transaction no one can manage complex aircraft transactions better than us.
  • Jetvend can help you find aircraft or helicopters to suit your mission.
  • We deal in jet engines and can sell yours or source engines.
  • Jetvend can make an immediate cash offer on many helicopters.
  • We deal in all sizes of corporate jets, small, mid size, or large cabin.
  • We are experts in utility helicopter sales, EMS helicopters sales and executive helicopter sales.




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Lear 55 for sale Serial Number 74 N755CL
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Thanks to:
ROIQ Internet Marketing, for putting together a great Google+ Page for Jetvend.  They fixed several problems our Google business page that had confounded another marketing and it took only a few days. Beyond that, ROIQ took the time to be certain the updated Jetvend logo and branding assets were included on other business listings - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Great work!
Internet Marketing, Birmingham, Al
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