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#ifihadglass  we would continue to help the world view air travel through a whole new lens.
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Excellent visualization of a truly practical implementation of Glass.
Good job! I am more and more curious to see what Google Glass can do and especially the screen/hardware specifications (resolution etc...)
What's stopping them from making an Android app that can show this info?
Awesome real-world applications of what Google Glass could hopefully eventually do.

Biggest question though, would +JetBlue make us turn them off on take off and landing???
This is awesome - great to see big companies jumping into the Glass game. 
See, why can't other companies stop being so money hungry and be awesome instead. Being awesome is much better than being rich.
Verrrry cool. Only corporation I've seen that entered. Love the forward thinking :)
+Anthony Tordillos Thanks (though there are a couple other corporations if you search for them) We like innovative ideas that inspire innovative thinking. Our ideas are just concepts, but conceptual thinking is a great way approach old problems in new ways... and maybe settle on something that really works and is achievable!

+Heru Mafudi - Another great idea. RFIDs are becoming more mainstream, it'd be interesting to see what could be done when placed in unexpected places!

- +Morgan Johnston from JetBlue
Just imagine, with a tiny chip in the boarding pass, if the Glass helps the ground staff to identify the passengers, greet them and direct them to the gates in advance to avoid the delays; how wonderful it would be. Possibilities are endless.
Good job JetBlue! Can't wait to see the ideas for your Google Glass projects!
The concept is as brilliant as this social media strategy.
Did you create that vision internally or you got support from an external agency? 
+Isabelle Quevilly - The image of the flight information from SFO-JFK was actually created for Google as part of the material for the Glass demo, the other images were created by our agency +Mullen 
It would be great if it could be connected to a vehicle's on board OBDC to have a "Heads up display" of all your dash boards features ect: speed, all temps, tachometer and also altimeter, lattitude, longitude (GPS Functions) many ideas come up.
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