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This is one of the things that God wants from us; just to trust Him completely. As His word says that we should worship Him in Spirit & Truth, we need to trust Him as well in Spirit & Truth.
Why??...I mean why should we trust "God"?? or the idea of God??....And when you say "God" you mean the Bible one??
So, let me see if I understood what Geanna Bell just wrote. God want us to trust him, then he will have complete control of our lives. So when we are worry about some stuff, he will do nothing because we don't let him do it??
he;s giving u these lessons t see what youll do like if u turn to him for help or dont give a krap about him!
Ok +Geanna Bell, I think I understand now. So, if I want something, let say a new car. Should I just sit and wait until God control my life give me that new car??
So, what is the all point of this, if he won't just hand it to me ??
Sorry +Gerald Waggoner if I am making it harder for you, but I just think it is better just to go and find a job than praying for one or those kind of stuff. But +Carlos Peña said something that I think is quite important, he said that if I don't accept God, he will respect my decision and I will get the money by myself. So, I don't need God??
All I have to do is trust. He never fails.
Well +Carlos Peña I think that you are wrong when you said that I need God to exist. But I won't talk about that now. But I will just tell you that I just need the law of nature to exist. But talking about the free will thing, according to the bible God control everything that happens, so I can't go against him according to the bible also. So I don't need God neither to exist or to have "Free will" because Free will is a mere illusion.
I try to explain it this way: "Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart" (psalms 37:4). For those who don't know; I struggled with an addiction to alcohol for years. I used to pray that God would provide money for alcohol so I could cope with life. The problem was that alcohol was killing me.

When I finally became sober it was because I yielded my will to God's control. I discovered he takes much better care of me then I do. He knows what I need more than I do. As I get to know him better I find my desires line up with his will and I want what is best for me. This provides happiness and fulfillment. Notice I didn't say there are no trials. But trials came before as well. Now I am much better equipped to handle them. I trust God. What a blessing!!!

God, I'm trusting you to do my laundry. K? thx.
Carlos, there is no other God...!
Hmmm the message is so simple but stirs great confusion.

What else can man misunderstand?
So, +Carlos Peña there are many gods ring ??, because the laws of nature are many. You can say that all the laws of nature conform God, but the laws of nature are not real entities.
in order you to believe that +Carlos Peña you have to believe that the universe and this world were create by this law, and not as the bible said. But I thought that you believe in just one God, but now I noticed that you are a pantheist.
Hey you guys arguing... chill.

No body on earth can claim to understand god and you wont solve this in a post on a picture. You'll find the truth when you die... Or you wont! so just trust god
I cannot try to prove gods existence to another human because our senses will demand evidence based on physics, biology, chemistry, or Maths... The true sciences right!... Well the problem is that God existed before there was "Matter", just as science informs us that before there was matter, there was the absence of matter (String Theory) so basically scientific evidence is unlikely to come about,

if i knew that god existed i would not have faith but absolute knowledge. Your question may be redundant for another reason. Trust in god may / may not, stop the potential truth.

The question is if there is a god, he already knows why you will not trust in him.

In answering your question. If at the point of death you choose to trust him, this whole argument becomes redundant... and you shall have to take the issues up with him if he exists, if he doesn't exist you have not lost.

If you never do choose to trust in him, then again if he exists its between you and him. If he doesn't exist you have not lost.

So, it is logical to take the stance that a God exists, A stance outside of this would be far too large a risk for a sensible mathemetician to take
+Wilton Rosario... May you find peace bro...
We should trust God, but we shouldn't wait for him to do things for us. He has given us agency the ability to choose right from wrong, he does not control us. If we really want His help we must ponder it out in our minds and then ask Him if we made the right choice. He isn't trying to control us He is only showing us the way to true happiness. 
I believe God exists. It is true that ultimately it must be accepted by faith. Once that happens you begin to understand. As for me it is now clear. The question I pose: if you reject him and I'm right you have EVERYTHING to lose. If you accept him and I'm wrong you have NOTHING to lose. It's up to you to chose: "is that a risk I can afford to take?"
+Ekow MacEyeson I won't talk about why your all argument is wrong I will just talk about the part of if Gos exist or not. So, I won't talk about when you said "God existed before there was "Matter"" and String Theory.

But you mentioned a quite importan poit in all this and that is faith. You said that the logical to take the stance that a God exists, because if he doesn't exist I have no lost or vice versa. It is a kind Pascal’s Wager or Pascal’s Gambit, But there is something wrong in this argument and that is that you are just taking the possibility that just your god exist, but what about if the god that is real is Zeus, Allah, Horus, Mithras or Dionysus??.....So, should I believe in all that gods and thousands more to be sure??
Why don't you just ask God himself and not try to take other peoples words for it? 
Wow, +Wilton Rosario Your waaayyy off course! God is the one who created you, everything you are is because God allowed it! without him....You, me, we are NOTHING!
Becca G
It's a free counrty
OR he just spoke it into existence? is that what you mean by Tzimtzum?
+Wilton Rosario The god of the bible has not given us his name, and may see his face. The old testamrnt has been translated from the torah, where God is actually an un pronouncable symbol. His only son (JESUS as many believe) referred to him as father or as Lord, or God. These are words of status. If you want to call him zeus its your call. Others may call him by other names, using various dialects... His name is irrelevant. In naming zeus, and horus you have actually realised a very important point. Ps do you realise Allah is the god of Abraham and the god of jews and christians alike. Just god in another language. Coming back to zeus and horus etc, egyptians were the first recorded monotheistic civilisation. And the old greek and roman gods were recorded as having died in ancient text. So they weren't actually Gods. although they were deities that were worshiped. Worship does not equal status as God.
+Matthew James Blaming god for the things you have just blamed him for is like blaming barack obama for allowing internet access in the united states, that is the least thought out argument ive ever heard. My myth is your reality and vice versa
Hmmm sounds like your god is science. I can teach you some if you like
Ohhh cause I was a scientist, a registered toxicologist. At the laboratory of the government chemist. London uk ... So continue
How do I trust you to tell that to me?
+Ekow MacEyeson don't try to avoid the point, when I told you the names of those other gods, I was trying to say that those other gods or deities have different worship. For example, I know that Allah mean god, but When I said Allah I was referring to the worship of Allah and so on. But even though you say that all those name are referring to the same god named Jesus or what ever, you have to think about that all those gods have different worship and those worship are inconsistent between them. For example, Muslims do not believe that jesus is the son of god.
I humbly beg your pardon for any insult or rejection done to you by my fellow Christians that make you so hostile to kindly words. The best advice I can think to give to you all who seek to utterly reject the God of the Bible is to ask questions and seek answers. If there is truth to be had, seek after it. There is nothing wrong with doubt as long as they lead you to questions to seek after truth. I would recommend you ask and listen with an open mind to real live people (not virtual debates) and when you have studied the matter then make your judgement.
+Emily Verdoorn i agree with you, I too sense a great deal of hostility that I cannot reason with. I leave it in the hands of god.
But I doubt it's existence based on the absence of evidence. +Patrick Hofman shows himself convinced with absolutely no evidence to support it.

I honestly don't see why should people believe in god. We can grow spiritually without the 'aid' of an invisible all powerful, all mighty beign. Bible is full of contradictions. And any cult or religion of any kind has one thing in common that has remained constant from the very first belief into something that one could not see and that is that this kind of beliefs have brought death, greed and corruption, all of this for the desire of power.

Speaking about catholic curch, they sell themselves to the best bidder. Take the second world war as an example: Catholic Church in Germany supported nazi iniciatives, even when it was contradictory with the morals that this church proposes.

That's on the church's side, and on the "faith", I guess that people that give a beign that probably does not exist, the responsability of their existence and the existence of the universe are just naive and they are not whilling to get out of that intellectual numbness.

(Please excuse my english, I'm not a native speaker of the language)
And just because Jesus existed and we don't know anything about the 'big bang' we have to embrace the idea that this so-called God was responsible? No thanks. My mind is open to the idea that I might never know. As simple as that. I don't know and I'm not gonna believe in something wihtout proof. Big Bang happened? Theoretical physicist point that it might be possible. God was the reason for the explosion? I DON'T KNOW and I am not gonna pretend knowing if there is no evidence. Jesus existed? Yes, even though most of the evidence is the bible itself. Jesus was a magical guy with superpowers? Maybe, maybe not. I don't know and I can't take the bible as evidence because the bible was assambled in the council of Nicea, in the times of Constantine the Great, the roman emperor that embraced catholisism as the official religion to gain christian followers, and obviously power. The creation of the roman catholic church was just a measure of the romans to gain political power among the population. They decided which books were to be part of the bible and which books weren't. It was all a manipulation of the truth. I cannot take for granted that everything in the bible is true. I mean, jews accept the existance of Jesus but they don't concede him the magical powers or the atribution of him being the "son of god". Same thing with Islam. All three (Islam, christianism and judaism) are Abrahamic religions, if there's so much in common (the old testament) between them, then why is Jesus super powerful only in one of this three and only a prophet in the other two? The fact that Jesus was real does not implies that there's actually a God.
Believe that God exist, but do not try to provide "proof" of his existence because there ain't such thing.
Gracias Mario, pero mira: la neta sólo porque la naturaleza sea perfecta y armónica no significa que necesariamente exista Dios. ¿Sólo porque es maravillante y compleja tiene que ser a huevo obra de Dios? Yo no afirmo ni niego nada. Creo que no existe. No tengo evidencias para comprobar o negar. lo único que puedo decir es que no sé si realmente exista, no sé si no exista pero no voy a creer en él sólo por eliminación. Digo, aún no conocemos la verdad sobre el origen del universo. En un futuro lejano quizás se logre comprobar tal cosa como el big bang, quizás no. Pero hay gente haciendo un esfuerzo por llegar a la verdad y no aceptar una 'verdad' que fue propuesta hace seismil años. La creencia (y más si nos referimos al catolicismo) a supuesto a lo largo de la historia y sigue suponiendo un estanco intelectual. Eso es indiscutible. Digo, la iglesia amenazó a Galileo y lo obligó a retractarse sólo por afirmar que la Tierra giraba alrededor del Sol. Lo mismo con el que siguió con la teoría, Copérnico.

Todo lo bueno en esta vida, toda la bondad y amabilidad puede practicarse sin necesidad de profesar alguna religión. No me considero religioso ni espiritual. Creo que no estamos en la Tierra por alguna razón en especial pero sí estoy abierto a la posibilidad de aceptar lo contrario cuando la evidencia se haga presente.

¿Pasar la eternidad con Dios? No gracias, la eternidad es mucho tiempo y la vida es muy corta como para perder mi tiempo rezando o yendo a la iglesia. Hay quienes sí nos preocupamos por hacer algo bueno por los que nos rodean.
Hola +Mario E Urdapilleta y +Armando Ishikawa quisiera invitarlos a que se unan a una pagina en Facebook en la cual publicamos varios contenido religioso, científico, histórico y de varios índoles. También hacemos debates o simples discusiones aquí en Google+ a trabes de Hangouts sobre varios temas incluyendo los anteriormente mencionado. Si estan interesados únanse a la siguiente pagina ( o a los siguientes grupos ( y ( Gracias independientemente de si deciden unirse o no.
"god Is a concept, by which we measure our own pain"
Really? +Wilton Rosario Your on an American page here we speak English here!! and we would greatly appreciate it if you would as well!
thank you.

+Mario E Urdapilleta Yo no he tenido esa necesidad y no ando atrás de muchas mujeres ni mucho menos. No estoy perdido en el alcohol o algún vicio. Estudio física y me siento contento con lo que estoy estudiando y creo firmemente en que la ciencia es un camino para manifestar la responsabilidad social que todos tenemos. La ciencia tiene un gran impacto y estoy consciente de que soy ignorante, pero lucho por aprender algo nuevo diariamente. Soy una persona feliz con la ignorancia. Feliz con la idea de que el big bang pudiera ser cierto y aún más con la idea de que en algún futuro podrá comprobarse. ¿Motivos para la creación? No los necesito, simplemente veo a toda la gente que ha intentado explicarse fenómenos de manera fantástica y las nocivas consecuencias de las creencias que ha sufrido la sociedad. Nunca he escuchado de una purga de ateos, o de ateos unidos en una cruzada contra algún grupo de personas en específico. La paz, la serenidad y sobre todo el verdadero espiritualismo está dentro de la reflexión y actuar responsablemente viviendo bajo las normas que la lógica nos va dando. Sin necesidad de una moral impuesta; se le llama ética personal y practicarla es más maravilloso que seguir cualquier otro precepto ya escrito. Prefiero reconocer que estoy seguro (al 100%) que no sé por qué existimos y que es probable que nunca lo sepa, a adoptar la idea de que estamos aquí por alguna razón en especial. ¿Por qué es tan difícil para algunos aceptar que no sabemos por qué estamos aquí? ¿por qué querer darle un significado a nuestra existencia? ¿por qué querer explicar nuestro origen de maneras tan ilógicas e irracionales? Prefiero reconocer mi ignorancia de manera humilde a alzarme el cuello diciendo que "Dios me va a tener en su gloria cuando yo muera" sólo por creer.

Yo escribí mi propio credo, Mario. No necesito uno que alguien más escribió por mí.

And if any of you don't like my comment in spanish, you can do this:
select all the comment, click ctrl+c, then open a new tab, search "google translate", open the URL and click ctrl + v after that. Select the right settings and done! you can now read the comment.
thats okay, i have a bad enough time understanding English
the last thing i need is another language to learn! lol...thanks for understanding though!
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