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hmm, no +1? :-D sorry, I´m atheist, but am I the only one to recognize this?
lol.. "Athiests," riiiight...
So, is it a normal practice for the athiest to be present in His name?
For shame, boys... What would your parents think? Don't answer, I don't care, just think and find out who you're really trying to fool.
They all hit their prayer bones at the last minute, the only differences are what they say.
P.S. .... (So maybe when nobody's looking, the MOST sacred time to talk with Him, you might look up HOW to pray. Take your time, His will be done anyway.)
And I love all of Islam! ^.^
Fear not, I am not radical or Muslim-hating, for I know that true children of Islam are peaceful and caring neighbors, and keep a strong moral standard.
Radical Ideas give both our faiths bad names, don't they? u.u
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