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Fun on Google! Bad i can't share on Facebook and twitter...where people can really see!!!

What's Apple doing so rightly that's making them Media's Favorite? They innovate? Well, Microsoft also do!, They make huge profits? Google does too!, They have good customer service? Amazon seems to have better! So what are they doing right?

Apple is FOCUSED....they put all their eggs in 1basket, and ensure the basket is catered for; they don't give you options. They do what they think you'll love, and stick with it! Consumers rarely know what they want; so Apple decides...1phone, and in a whole year..., they give all their resources to managing that iPhone....

Even though the prospects of Galaxy III is really high, what everyone is truly expecting is iPhone5! Samsung had better focus on recreating the market by doing something new and innovative; else, they'll keep crawling in the iPhone's glory!

Imagine this same week; several rumors were released about the iPhone5....and those stories topped real news about Samsung Galaxy III.
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