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·٠•●♥ Lady's Slipper Orchid
One of the most unique characteristics of a ladyslipper is its pouch, which is designed to force insects to brush against the ladyslipper's staminode and thus gather or deposit pollinia. This helps the orchid reproduce. The pouch resembles a slipper, which is how the flower got its name.

Canon EOS 50D + EF 70-300mm
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Waow cantik seperti Anggrek tuh
Beautiful photo and flower. I am trying to identify it more precisely, would you be able to tell me exactly where the photo was taken +Jessy Eykendorp . Thanks
If I were an insect I'd definitely be attracted by this flower :)
What an amazing photo Jessy!
Beautifully captured in every sense!
Stunning shot! Thanks for sharing.
Ok, I'm suggesting this is a Paphiopedilum lowii...
+Amol Yelgaonkar There's a huge photographic community in G+ and I'm sure you can learn a lot. Have fun and all the best on your journey!
+Jessy Eykendorp You take beautiful pictures of Bali. I really love Bali during my visit there. However, I didn't get to take pictures of the waterfalls there. I hope to visit Bali again, can you advise where's the best waterfall in Bali?
Wow ! Love the details ! The bokeh and colors are amazing !
amazing. i never seen this flower before! its beautiful. its beauty was captured wonderfully...
god may create something a pretty as this, but remember he also creates things alot worse! mankind!
its amazing how the beauty was captured! i love it! :0)
itulah alam yg menyatakan jai dirinya dalam menyiratkan keindahanya'''
parece uma orquidea sapatinho de venus........ from Brazil
J Jay
I especially like the contrast. The muted green makes the flower "pop", in a sense.
wow anggreknya bagus banget !
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