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I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.
I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.

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Peru 2013
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SPOILERS FOR GAME OF THRONES - book 3 midway point/season 3 ep 9 of show


Beautifully written article from the AV Club explaining just why the latest GoT episode is so affecting and why we care so much.,98566/

I think the author hits two keys points right on the head. First, as she puts it, this moment represents "the death of hope". That expression gave me chills, because it perfectly summed up what I felt when I read the books for the first time. Robb was the last hope for the audience in terms of a quality ruler who could take over Westeros in the short term (since Dany is perpetually busy over the sea). With his death, the idea that a worthy leader is going to roll in and save everyone pretty much falls away.

Second, and I think the more important point, is that it further emphasizes the "no one is safe" idea. It's not so much that we care about Robb and Catelyn - it's that their deaths mean that the characters we REALLY care about (and up to this point in the show, I can guess that would be Tyrion, Jon, Dany and Arya) are not safe. The idea of watching poor little Arya die is a thought I can barely stand to entertain. But now it's like a sword hanging over the head of every character I truly love, and that creates an unbearable and yet completely compelling tension that makes me push through even the weaker parts of the narrative.

I'll open this up to comments, but I ask that you clearly mark spoilers so people who are only watching the show aren't spoiled on upcoming parts of the books. I'd say even talking in vague terms about what a certain character might do in book 6 or 7 is uncool, because then you know that character actually makes it to the end of book 5.

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Sweet - looks like games will be transferable without a fee on the Xbox One after all. I'm surprised MS didn't just open with this sort of information - that's the kind of positive thing you want to share with your fans.

Poll time for my friends (and the general public, I suppose, if they're interested):

1) How much of a deal breaker is it if the Xbox One "reactivation fee" for games turns out to be so high that it essentially makes no sense to buy used games anymore?

2) Would you feel upset about not being able to sell your used games anymore?

3) If you do sell your used games, do you trade them in for credit at places like Gamestop, or do you sell directly to other gamers?

Almost time for the new Xbox event. Very curious to see what they show. Hoping that the "always on" internet requirement is overblown and done in a semi-reasonable manner (a la Steam perhaps).

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Ruh-roh. Didn't it just seem like yesterday that Nintendo could do no wrong and the Wii was basically a money-printing machine for the company? Shows you can't really rest on your laurels and/or make a gimmicky idea stick forever.

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Awesome Ohio State marching band video. Enjoy the nerdy goodness.

Dammit, missed out on booking the Westin this year for PAX East 2013 :(

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Key point from this +Slate article on Kickstarter: "Kickstarter is an act of faith; if you can’t afford to give away your money and get nothing in return, you shouldn’t give anything at all."

Spot on. I give to Kickstarter campaigns because I like the idea of donating to people who have great ideas, who are trying to do something cool. I think it's up to you, as an investor in the arts, to do your homework and make sure you're investing in someone who is credible and deserves your money.

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