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Keep letting me know Kick Ass People to add!

Wow! our Kick Ass circle jumped from 56 people to 127 in just the afternoon. Keep suggesting people and pages. Your absolute must reads everyday!
For those of you wondering what is going on here is the link to the original post!
Remember if you are added and don't want to be in a big time shared circle feel free to opt out! Just let me know and I will either remove you or not add you in!
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This circle is broken in some way. I am not in it. ;D
As you should! He is awesome! Love my Sci-Fi peeps!
I only have ONE +Eoghann Irving so you are in ALL my circles, and it's almost maxed out AGAIN, time to do major circle cleaning for me.. I hate doing it..
+Henry A. Otero I know you are having trouble with notifications...didn't know if you had seen this or the original post :-)
Being kick ass, I think you should add me! That is all.
Appreciate being included FlibberT +Jessica Wood - yours being the best About Me on G+ xo
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