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Here is an updated Doctor Who Circle If you don't see yourself in or comment and I will add you! the new Include yourself in shared circle option!

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Ah, seeing this I am betting you picked me up from someone's DW circles?

I must say, my T.A.R.D.I.S. circle is bigger on the inside than all my others.
Same here! It keeps growing and leaps and bounds and with the best people!
Please add me, I missed out on getting added to the last one.
I really do apologize. My Doctor Who and Walking Dead circles are right next to each other. Must have clicked and added you to both.
Add another brother from Gallifrey :D
+Tetsuya Kitahata
This is a circle for people who like the TV show Doctor Who. If you or your friend is a fan of the show I will be glad to add you. I don't add people who don't request it themselves.
Please add me. Thank you!
Thank you Jessica Wood. I have added you as well!
You can add me, even though I'm not wearing a 12 foot scarf (at the moment).
In US only watch on PBS .Could i get an Invite?
Hi +cecil ellis! Added you to my Doctor Who Circle. I am in the US also. I know it shows on BBCA here if you have cable. I don't so tend to try and find it on the internet to watch mostly.
Internet must be best place to find show if showing in US. I am US so canot get it., but if not in circle put\me in.
Would love to be added, over here in the states its hard enough to catch the show, let alone find people who watch.
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