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Wow. For middle-class California residents, state schools are now more expensive than some of the top private schools. That's partly because some of the wealthy private schools have made some major efforts to reduce costs and loan burdens; good for them.

"Consider a family of four -- married parents, a high-school senior and a 14-year-old child -- making $130,000 a year.
With typical aid, the family should expect to pay nearly $24,000 for a Cal State freshman's tuition, on-campus room and board, supplies and other expenses. At Harvard? Just $17,000, even though its stated annual tuition is $36,305.
The same family would pay about $33,000 for a freshman year at UC Santa Cruz.

UC Berkeley, which recently followed the lead of private colleges by boosting aid for middle-class families, would cost $19,500."
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This article actually makes me feel slightly more hopeful that we'll be able to afford college for our kids... um, as long as they get straight A's and can play bagpipes or are champion caber-tossers or something.
When I went to the University of Washington in the late 70's, I paid (in-state) $225 per quarter for tuition and about $2000 for room and board in the dorms.

I'm not sure I could have gone at all with a cost structure like this...
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