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What I love about this circle I created, is that everyone in here was "recommended" to me by someone else at some point.

I can't explain what makes me glued to this circle...but as the Sugarland song goes: "Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, stuck like glue...You and me baby, we're stuck like glue"

PLEASE add yourself to this circle, share and I am also always looking for more recommendations.

Tell me whose stream do you go to daily to find gems of info from photos, to news stories, to thoughts to ????....that something something that gives them their "secret sauce".
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Love the people in there that I know, so I'll trust you with the others & add the circle. ;]
"Northey's Nuggets" =D
+Jessica Northey Thanks so much for the share. It's a day brighter to see someone posting with such exuberance. You have some mighty fine people here from multiple genres. I have many of them in other circles, but one can never have enough circles.
You had to drop the Sugarland bomb, +Jessica Northey ? "Settlin" is stuck in my head, and I cannot plus while singing to myself. I am a fangrlllll.
happy to connect! thanks for encircling me..
+Jessica Northey, I've had a higher percentage of response (interaction, people circling me back, etc.) than I've had with any other shared circle I've added. Well done!!!
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