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Jessi Lucas
Public librarian, likes to bike.
Public librarian, likes to bike.

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So +Ian Prowell​, am I doing this right?


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Bike Shop Girl gives you some tips on a basic do it yourself (with a friend) Bike Fit.
Get your bike fit ready for spring riding! My Basic Bicycle Fit Guide

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As you may have guessed from the plusses on the photo, +Pete Reniers has won the coveted cover photo contest. He gets all of the accolades and special feelings associated with winning and none of the material gain.

We will keep this photo up until the end of April. In May, well, we'll see what happens. I am putting the date on my calendar to do something about it then.

Congratulations Pete, this is a great photo. Thanks for playing!

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I wondered about this when I saw the posts going around. It never seems like a good idea to throw around wildflower seeds from a different part of the world. Kudzu anyone?

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Well, this is good news. Have you registered your bike(s) yet?

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Cover Photo Updating

Hey Commuters! The cover photo for our community, while amazing and full of cruisery goodness, has been up for a looooong time and is getting old.

Here's what we are going to do:

Post a photo in the comments If you have an awesome bike commuter related photo that you would like to have considered, post your photo to the comments in this thread.

Vote with your plus finger! See a photo you like? Vote with your plusser. You can vote for more than one, but try to be picky, m'kay?

Deadline Monday 3/20 at 6pm PST You can post photos and plus and unplus as much as you want during that time. At 6pm I will close comments and tally the votes. I'll post the winner by 8pm same day--barring any catastrophes.

All right. Let's do this!


Of all the days not to have my rear camera on my bike. A woman harassed me at a red light because she wanted to turn right. It wasn't even a lane and the driver in the truck to my left was also turning right.

Patience and logic people. Please?

There was some finger waving on both sides, honks from her and swears from me (maybe her too, but windshields are nice that way).

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I did a little quaxing on the way to work this morning. I dropped off a box at UPS for a return and brought a Marvel panel in to work that was donated to us. No worse for wear.

I was going to bring the panel in by bus, but I kept thinking--but I don't want to take the bus. Sunny skies this morning and I figured out a way to secure it to the bike without scratching it up. Yay me!
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Uh oh. Trash talk.
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