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Jessi Lucas
Public librarian, likes to bike.
Public librarian, likes to bike.


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Slightly more fun, riding towards home with a new bikey acquaintance from our community strategy meeting. You can hear me comment on my new haircut, make assumptions about people who ride without lights... so much bike gossip!

My bike light is a PDW Pathfinder.

I love it because I can see the path ahead of me and it also casts light down on my bike so that people ahead can see me as well. This camera is great (cycliq Fly12ce) but it does not see all that I can see around the light.

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Dexter and Mercer, the sign says "no turn on red" and the arrow stays red for a little while to allow bikes and pedestrians to go first. I had a feeling this guy didn't get it before the light turned since they were in the crosswalk a bit like they were looking for a chance. So I gave them something to think about. What you cannot see is that after they turned, they stopped in the lane to the right, so I'm assuming they heard me.

It was a long day of work and a meeting and I had no patience for people who can't read or can't tell when their light has turned. :P

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Oh no +Aixe Djelal I really liked going there.

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I almost met the car god tonight. A driver cut across the bike lane without looking. I wish there was a better route available.

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Quite the exciting obstacle course.

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Email I just got from Bike Friday. Looks like N+1 is going to get a little harder to afford.

"Bike Tariff Proposal hurts all Cyclists in USA

Time for action

Tell Congress NO!
Dear Cyclist,

We need to work together to strengthen cycling in our country. We need to resist actions that make it harder for people to ride including being able to afford bikes.

The USA Bike business relies on overseas partners to offer the variety of bikes and accessories to Americans.

In June, the Trump administration proposed to raise the tariff on complete electric bicycles and motors imported from China by 25 percent.

This week, the administration released a new proposal that would increase the tariff on nearly every other bicycle, component and accessory imported from China by 10 percent.

This will affect every cyclist. The reality is that all bike tires, bike chain, brake pads, shifters, cables, electric assist and etc....are made in other countries, mostly in Asia and most often in China.

At Bike Friday we are proud to build our own frames from scratch and assemble to individual order. But we still have to get the majority of raw materials and components to complete a ridable bike from overseas. Already we have seen the price of Steel and Aluminum increase, affecting our prices.

If approved, these significant tax increases will affect every level of our industry’s supply chain including end users (customers). The United States Trade Representative (USTR), the agency responsible for approving tariff changes, needs to hear from Americans about the effect of this tax increase.

To fight these tariffs we need everyone to take action. The deadline to submit a comment is July 23.

Send your message here:
As a concerned cyclist:
As a concerned business person possibly affected :

Read more about how the Bike Industry could be affected and what its doing: Bicycle Retailer Article Here:

Thank you for pedaling with us!
Hanna Scholz and the Bike Friday Team

P.S. We are now evaluating the affects of the Steel and Aluminum prices that have already increased last month. We have to raise our prices this month. You can order with pre-tariff prices if you contact us in the next week."

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Bike Snob, hitting it on the head again.

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