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The marketing for the Disney movie Brave has my 10 year old son really annoyed. It's interesting. 

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I saw the trailer and thought that it would be unappealing to boys. I predict Pixar will not be as successful with this output.
Because boys are 1) a majority portion of moviegoers and 2) can't relate to strong female characters?

This blog post, however, raises a very good point: younger generations are more aware of gender equality as something inherent, and thus the former ways to playing to that (by simply reversing strength, making males weaker characters and conversely females the stronger) is getting to be old hat. Hooray for that! Let's start having more complex characters of every kind.
Neither. They simply won't like it. It's pretty simple. 
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I didn't really care much for the movie trailer either, it felt like Pixar was trying too hard to appeal to the parents who want to empower their young daughters to not be afraid of being who they are in an increasingly judgemental and superficial society. I think they missed it with this one, and it's very smart of your son to pick up on the gender put-down, where they make the boys seem a little silly in order to make the girls seem smarter. One should not have to snuff out the light of another to shine a little brighter, and that is a good lesson to be taught. 
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