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Help me come up with a good story for my shiner.
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you thought about making an investment in stocks and your schizophrenia finally reared it's head and a smarter alternate personality beat some sense into you.
you bent down to pick something up in front of the door and when someone opened to door the knob hit you in the face. this one usually works everytime. But remember the truth will eventually come out
Friend of mine face planted and the nose bridge of her glasses did that too her.
say i was skateing down the street and fell over and hit your face on a bench hope your better soon take care : )
You were at the Occupy Wall Street protest and this cop came by...
i like it skateboardings cool.the eye looks nasty.try putting cold ice on it might reduce the swelling : )
Terrorists! Aliens from outer space! Midgets! Midget terrorist aliens from outer space? I dunno?
Grandma's tea was cold and she was. not. happy.
k.... you were going down on your hubby and missed.
You just started taking MMA classes. First person to make fun of the shiner gets a free ass whoopin'
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