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If anyone took advantage of this Groupon offer out of Abilene Texas I'll pay you $100 over your price for the bag.

Please share this photo liberally. I'm easy to reach at
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Wow....I would only pay $700 for a purse if it came with $650 in cash. However, I'll share your post. I hope you get it. Have you tried Bag Borrow or steal?
Yeah, have you tried stealing one? Anyway, good luck!
Have you not tried outlet malls? I got a better deal then this on a Doney & Burke for my business partner. Something to think about.
I don't know you, and you don't me... but, for that much, have you considered having a bag made of the best quality materials with "YOUR" initials?  

(and, yeah I get the fashion thang, I used to design for YSL, just saying, there IS a point where........... you just make the things you want custom for yourself, right ? :) )
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