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For all my real estate friends (and the people who love them) -- this is for you... 
Real Estate Agents: Last Chance to Get AgentPress at $995

At 5 PM PST today the price for AgentPress jumps to $1,495.

Register today for incredible savings on two full days of extraordinary speakers and sessions, stellar networking, and everything you need to build a website that helps you dominate your local real estate market.

This is a steal, people.

And oh yeah, did I mention I'll be speaking? Sho nuff. A pretty stout line up with people like +Brian Clark , +Sonia Simone+Chris Garrett+Ricardo Bueno+Erika Napoletano and +Greg Boser.

See the full list of speakers, session topics, tools included here:
Not your typical real estate conference. Step-by-step live training in sunny Marina del Ray, CA that shows you exactly how to build, promote, and accelerate a highly profitable local website. Plus, am...
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