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Well I guess this was a long way coming...
The only thing that could have made me use Bing. Congrats, Google.
In this day and age, every company today keeps information about their users, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple has done this for a long time. And yes even Google. Everybody knows this, the only question is: can it keep my information secure?. I think that is the issue today, not the fact that they keep information or track it.
+Michael Molenda: It's not just about the ads. Yes, obviously, that's apart of it, but moreover this is Google moving forward with their vision of their company as one unified path instead of several dozen little projects going in separate directions. Facebook was slammed because it more or less ignored your privacy settings and decided that everything you did anywhere should be everyone's business. Google here is basically sharing your information with...itself. What Facebook did and what Google is doing are totally different things, which is obvious when you read the policy for yourself.
Please don't tell me you people did not see this coming...
It was obvious from the day they released G+, and they said numerous times that they will integrate all G products.
sigh...nothing to see here. Google didn't say they would now start selling your info to the highest bidder
Google did not change any policy. They just unified 60 privacy policies into one.
those sci fi movies we watched when the Corporates take over the world and have political becoming a reality...they are tracking us....they own us....theres no escape! :(
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