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Shorty Produkshins is Online Promotions... Royalty Connected.
Shorty Produkshins is Online Promotions... Royalty Connected.

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Help me get started on Rapidfy by leaving me a review - Resume.Academy.

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Resume.Academy has decided to extend pre-launch specials until November 1st. Resumes delivered as early as 12 hours from now and starting at $50. Other services include:

- Cover Letters
- LinkedIn Revamps
- Professional Marketing One-Sheets
- Digital EPKs for the Executive Professional
- 12, 24 and 48-hour expedited delivery
- Thank you Letters
- Follow-Up Letters

We get you through ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), optimize your resume with keywords and impress hiring managers. For every position you apply to, so are 200+ others. How will you be seen? Let us position you for greatness!

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Done with satisfaction, personality and turning duties into accomplishment

Check us out in pre-launch! Resume packages starting at just $50!

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2016 Predictions in Mobile Trending by By: Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan

Who better to make predictions about top trends in mobile app development for 2016 than the development platform Appery themselves? has been widely received amongst small to enterprise businesses, with over 300,000 developers and counting. Encouraging productivity in the workspace by facilitating collaboration, communication, and cross-platform connectivity, Appery gives well-educated insight into what we can expect to see in the upcoming year. This comes with the estimation that by 2020, we will also see over 26 billion IoT devices connecting professionals across enterprises all over the world.


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IK Multimedia Releases Riff Maestro: A New Way to Learn the Guitar

nown for its line of ProTools plugins and modulators, IK Multimedia has built a major name for itself by offering digital the sound of analog, allowing realistic customization of MIDI and even giving a new sound to basic audio loops. Thanks to IK Multimedia, many musicians around the world have gotten away with being “the one-man band” or have been made to sound better through IK Multimedia’s product and service lines. Now, IK Multimedia brings to you “a guitar teacher in your pocket.”

Yesterday, they unveiled their Riff Maestro app for both iPhone and Android. A free app, this is more than just a guitar lesson by mobile device. Oh, no. This is way more than that — and way cooler, too!


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"Top November Concerts In South Florida"
+Jessica Abraham-Hogan on +CBS Local News  | +CBSLOCAL Entertainment 

With the holidays on their way, we are seeing many loved ones, whether family or friends, returning home for a few weeks at a time. Our goal is often to keep them entertained and to give them a good time while they are in town. We want them to return more often, and we want to enjoy the time that we have with them. We want to create memories that last. But, what happens when you are out of ideas? Here is a list of five concert events in the South Florida that will keep your conversation going for years to come.


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"TokBox and Fox Sports Huddle in Release of Interactive Broadcast Technology"
+Jessica Abraham-Hogan on +Talent Zoo's Digital Pivot

This launch will make history, enabling a true multi-party interaction with “flexibility for the website and application owners.” TokBox introduces Spotlight, opening doors for video broadcast opportunities. A live broadcast event will begin with open dialog between two parties, inviting additional speakers to “chime in” and become part of the show. Through the Fox Sports Huddle, Spotlight will allow college fans, coaches, players, and experts to “come face to face on, one of the biggest sports websites in the world.” Live studio feeds will stream video in real-time and will include feeds from its viewers as well. Recorded broadcasts will be accessible on demand and be rebroadcast to television screens around the United States.


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"Mobile Technologies Facilitate Evolved Call Center Experiences"
+Jessica Abraham-Hogan on +TMCnet 

It was once reported that more people own a mobile device than own a toothbrush. And sometimes it seems like more people are willing to share their toothbrush than share their mobile device. For this reason, mobile phones are considered to be very personal to everyone accessing sensitive data through their devices. Financial institutions are literally cashing in on this fact. Hence, the increasing need for call center banking to put options into the hands of mobile users worldwide.

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