Show me the way to San Jose

Well, after dealing with some much needed backlogged work between emails, messages, and getting back to people, along with some cool news, I'm finally somewhat caught up on everything. Yesterday I was in the desert from Dusk 'til Dawn shooting, and by the time I got home and ate, I was so exhausted from the shoot that I just passed out and slept for like 11 hours. I put off my drive to San Fran until tomorrow morning, so I could have a day off to handle things.

So, tomorrow I make the 500 mile trek to the Bay Area, get there by 5pm, so I can make my shoot time, and then I'll check into my hotel late that night and be in the Bay for the next week! Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman's Wharf, and OF COURSE Google await me once I get there!

Sorry about missing yesterday, but again, I would have posted if I stayed awake to do it... lol.

Here's something I don't think most people have seen me in, so I figured I'd throw it out there. When I'm not working, I'm usually in sweatpants and a jacket, so very rarely do I ever actually wear a dress... lol. Hope you like it!!

Love You Guys!! Missed Ya!!
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