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So I have left Canada for 48 hours, and I am happy to be back in the US, where there's a Starbucks in every town (instead of a Tim Hortons), Panera Bread's are abundant (missed my half&half's) and customer service reigns supreme! Don't get it twisted, I have nothing against Canada, I really don't... but you just learn to miss the small things from the US when you leave for a little while.

Rochester, NY is a cool little town. It's got some flavor, a little bit of country, a little bit of city, and some decent restaurants. I never get to stay long, as I head to Montreal on Saturday, but I do enjoy the times I have here.

I may go see MIB3 tomorrow, so if you guys have seen it, let me know what you thought... I have my doubts about it, but if it's decent, I'll give it a shot! I'm still counting the days until Batman!! Snow White looks cool, and Spiderman finally looks promising, but Batman will be the only thing that could compare to the Avengers in my opinion...

More to come from Rochester tomorrow, and then it's on to Montreal for a few days, where my hotel is right near all those protests, so can't wait for that drama! ... sigh After Montreal, I'll be grabbing clam chowdah in Boston, then I run through Rhode Island and Connecticut to get back to NYC!! Good things are coming!

Love You Guys!
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I want to know what you do to keep warm in the arctic circle.
I have always wanted to have some "chowdah" in Boston.. I hear it is the best. :) Yay for trying to sleep through protests? Ughh.. :( Thanks for the update as always... and the pic, well... what can I say... just beautiful Jessi :)
What, no Starbucks in Canada? Not good ... welcome back
u r such beautiful & sexy
I love starbuck's but i always get the mocha frap with the whip on top:) nice hair;)
Hows the truck holding up? What happened to Thong Thursday? THX for all the awesome photos
+Jessi June Your body is all sorts of fantastic. :) Plus, we have a lot of Tim Hortons here too so it wasn't so bad of a transition when I went. Although I do remember going to a Starbucks in Niagara too.
Move a little West to Manitoba and Fargo, ND. Then we'll talk.;-)
Hey +Jessi June, ever feel like an object? Wow.. some of these comments just crack me up...
We have Stabucks too, Jessi - you just didn't look hard enough. :)
+Cody Ames You know how it is. Boys will be boys, ESPECIALLY when there's a pretty woman in lingerie standing standing around....
Ah cool close to my old town! Too bad I was too young to give you dining suggestions, unless you count a "kick ass burger king" :)
Wow, its like we are from two different countries lol whenever I go to US, its such a relief to come back to Canada. Everything is so weird there and I always fear for my life lol btw, here in Vancouver, starbucks easily outnumber tim hortons at least 3-1
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You'd have to be in a pretty small town in Canada not to find Starbucks on every corner. Yep, lots of Tim Hortons, but tons of SBux, then again, I live on the west coast, different story out east.
Just saw MIBlll. It was great. A litle shorter than expected, but a must see if you liked the first one! No spoilers! ;)
When I travel, usually I miss Bread with extra virgin olive oil on top. If you go to China, will be like other planet!
Its been a while since I +1'd you +Jessi June And I am sorry I have not been keeping up on my +1 activities. I shall not neglect you again :)
So you missed home, figured that this last year or more since you've been in your car so much that would be more like home than the over taxed land of the free.
Jessi, I've always appreciated your food reviews in the past, but now I'm reconsidering. Vente-latte-half-decaf-mocha crap over a mug of fresh black coffee? Tell me it ain't true...
Jessi, I will buy you all the half and half you want.
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Rochester has been in so many of my comics over the years it is somewhere I would love to visit someday. The Clam Chowder sounds awesome. I have never had a "real" bowl of chowdah, but one day. As Always Stay safe. I will continue to live vicariously traveling with you as I am here on G+.
Beautiful pic. I know what you mean about missing small stuff from the US, that's how I felt when I was in Scotland.
Can I make a blanket from you hair?.. Please.
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O but Canada has Rickers Red beer that's a good thing
Jacob S
You didnt like our Tims', its the best!!
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You don't have to explain anything to job requires me to go to Canada several times a week...enough said.
If you go while in Rochester, you have to go to Tinseltown in Greece. IMAX!!!!! Plus it is the best place in town to watch a movie. Stadium seating and great popcorn.

I drive cross town and only go to Tinseltown.
The easiest way to find Star Bucks in Canada is to go to Safeway, as for the restuarants Food Network Canada has a show called You Gotta Eat Here which is similar to Dinners, Drive Ins, and Dives.
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+Jessi June I don't know were you went in T.O., But, Hospitality and customer service is something we Canadians pride are self on!! Or who pointed in the direction of those restaurants that served frozen burgers. Horrible!!!! Plenty of awesome places for handmade burgers in T.O. As for Tim Hortons, Take It Back!! LOL There are hundreds of Starbucks in T.O.!!! (yuk)
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FYI I saw MIB3 today, I really liked it. There was an actual story to it which is really lacking in sequels these days. Definitely worth going to see!
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Jessi you do not look like you were dressed for the best feature they have in Canada, that's snow, they may have green fields in the summer but as soon as it gets around to a new season of TV shows you're bound to see snow falling and you'll see it till around happy bunny day.
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