Eugene was fun, but man is it small. I'm finally in Portland, as I got here yesterday, and had way too much work to catch up on, so I missed posting yesterday. I was supposed to be booked all day tomorrow from 9am-10pm, but just found out through third parties that my booking flaked on me and everyone involved in the shoot. I was wondering why I couldn't get a hold of him, and apparently now I know why. C'est la vie.

However, I'm no polly pissy pants, so no moping for me. I made some calls to people who I had to decline to shoot with due to being fully booked, and refilled my schedule for tomorrow! That's the key to shitty situations.... Staying calm, thinking, and finding a solution. Hopefully, I may even make a few extra bucks then what I was supposed to.

Also, I was invited to hang out in the Google offices in Seattle, so that's kind of cool! It's the hangouts team, so you can guess what that might include!! lol

So apparently I have a donut place to hit up here in Portland, and I'm looking into other venues to review over the next few days. Any suggestions Oregonians??

I know everyone still gets on me for not keeping up with +Thong Thursday anymore, and once I find more butts to fill the page with, I'll keep it going, but 3 just wasn't enough... so send the hotties my way, and we'll get 'er going again. Until then, here's a belated Bikini Thong Thursday post... It's one of my favorite Bikini's too!!! ;)

Love you guys!! Enjoy your weekends!!
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