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Portland is over... On to Seattle

So Portland ended up being one of my busiest stops this year, surprisingly! I'm heading up to Seattle tomorrow once I check out, and stopping by Voodoo Donuts on my way, so expect a hot shot of 12 small fattening fried pieces of heaven tomorrow. Then, I scheduled myself some off-time in Seattle, so I'm gonna relax, get a mani-pedi, a haircut, and finally handle all those girlie things most models do once a week or two (It's been like two months for me)


Congrats on the Perfect game White Sox... Ron Artest, your a bitch... and don't forget about Thursday Night Football fans!! Round 1 of the 2012 draft starts! NBA playoffs start shortly after... GO HEAT!! (What?? I'm from Miami, so I have an excuse!! I liked them before we bought Lebron and Bosh, thank you!!) Lol.

Travel Schedule

So I'm going to be in Seattle through the 27th, Spokane the 28th and 29th, and then it's a 4 day, 1800 mile hike through Montana, the Dakotas, and Minnesota, as I have to be in Milwaukee on the 5th for a two day workshop I'm taking part in with the Amazing T.H. Taylor!! Hopefully a few of you guys are attending!

From there, I head to Chi-town, followed by Detroit in time for Michigan Comic-con!! You just may see me there! ;) And then it's on to Toronto, Up-state NY, Montreal, and down to Boston to finish the month of May!

Yeah, in one month I will drive from the PCH to US-1!! ... It's going to be a long !@#$%^& month!! Lol.

TL;DR World Famous Donuts tomorrow, Draft Thursday, NBA playoffs next week, and I'm driving a fucking lot next month... Now go back and fucking it read it you lazy ass... lol.

And now? Russian Jessi!! ;)
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I really tried to come up with a "In Soviet Russia" joke, but couldn't. I dig the image, who was the photographer?
I like your way on saying good morning
What a Historical Picture
kis ki history hai is me aijaz bhai?
The Pic is Historical ( BW) Dear.. its not a history
Jessi, спасибо дорогая!!! ты очень красивая девушка!!! удачи милая!!!
sexiast pic of the world........
Wow, very sexy......
darling u r very sexyyyyyyyyyy having very attractive poses I LOVE U
I was amazed by the photos of you and I like the results
Sexy boobs hot choclatey lips...ahhh... i can't stop lukin at this pic...uhmma
I love ur shot, nice boobs
Russian, American,French, Chinese, there's no mistaking the beauty inside! You are amazing+Jessi June! 
从照片上来看,我们不难发现以下几点1 从脸上眉毛的分布情况,我推断此MM的Y 毛应该很浓密,但是比较乱,适当修型,能增加XJ时的美感2 眼神足以证明其SEX欲强烈,但是从眼袋来看,水分已不多,早被人掏得差不多了,需要辅助使用润滑剂3 从嘴来说,应该有过“深喉”的经历! 4 面色偏黄,大YC一定外翻,且偏黑色,小YC呈暗红色. 5 乳下陲,被经常摸玩,也有可能是因为经常被爆菊所致。 6 不容易得到髙謿,建议多P或sm 7 由臀部宽度可以看出,XJ时,大多使用老汉推车,~8 从手指粗糙程度可以看出经常自慰,~和帮XJ着套弄J8
Words escape me Jessi June, WoW!!!
hix,,,,hix,,,,,hix,,,, give me more lady
jessi....... june what is that..............?
O NO +Jessi June I leave Chicago the 8th in the a.m. heading to Green Bay. Am I going to miss you?? Will we be ships that pass in the night??
And if I left early for Milwaukee and the seminar where would I go to attend it and see you??
I have this sinking feeling that we don't get to meet since not one G+er has mentioned a meetup with you on your trip so far. Pizza alone in a hotel room or dinner and conversation with ME. Seems like an easy choice. What say you?????
Hoping for a contact in the positive
Wild Bill
Nuts, I'll be in Seattle shooting, but I'll miss you by a week or so... however, +Jessi June, if you need a place between Montreal and Boston to rest stop, we're right on the VT/Quebec border with guest room, wifi and good food :) Also, we've got a pretty amazing Memorial Day weekend festival of beer and food going on locally, too. Just msg me.
yon Z
beeerrrrrr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Looking not sexy.........Bad pics.......
hey girl what should I to do every view your pictures. say ... say?
Прекрасная работа фото художника, великолепная женщина!
hi . ur vry b u t fullllllllllllll but don,t remove the hands plz ok
u r best to change ur photo pos .which help luk mor hoteeeeeeeee....eee. 
sounds like crazy time ahead best of luck. And as always you look amazing.
I am very keen to visit this beautiful body
You can take pictures that we have enough other
Many Many pics from Comic Con in Michigan. Are you gonna dress up? Wish I could go to every Con out there. Maybe if I win the Lottery one day I can. You are pretty as ever. Stay Safe!
No one like you here in MTY !! Sooo beautiful !!
damn. she's hot! not like fire cause fire burns. but in a visual aspect better and better every time.
though dis pic is sensually shot, i still find nervousness in ya eyes.
Joel Cy
so sexy jess..
" baia afff " find d meaning of ds ...........bbs n u r fit fr only ds
WOW !!! I love it thah photo!
And of course I love the model =;+D
+Jessi June
I think you are bored... always the same posts:
- nice
- wow
- beautiful
- sexy
and so on....
What do you realy looking for? What do you need?
knowing many horny men appeciate you?
exercising your power over men?
perturbing our dreams?
This is ridiculous who would go outside in the cold with out a shirt on. ON a completely un-related note does any one know where in the world women with beautiful breasts like these, roam freely with no shirts on?
We would be interested in your Russian muff too, not only the hat :)
Baby,take your hat off & be counted !
You are by far the most beautiful woman i have ever seen! Keep up all the great work ur doin!! Luv the fact u share with us.
wow i want to touch thats so nice so sexy.
hey, Jessi u so hott baby
I like Russian Jessi, very beautiful with eyes that draw you in.
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa niceeeee
Li Zhou
wow,nice,fuck her
good! can you get more pressure. relax and enjoy life around you go and life is not stopped
good pose you've got there keep it up baby.
k Madhu
When can I have one for my birthday? LOL! Hal :)
so.. ur smuggling 2 voodoo donuts into the USSR? or am I just tired and confusing recent G+ threads ;)
Me dió escalofrío.-.-.-.--
you have to put that right there and make me horny
Cool hat. Looks good on you.;)
get and nice massage too girl
la bella jessy su sensualidad con un aire ruso dejando su ser para nosotros
i want to the furry coat and be with you warmly and comfortbly
Let them pop out, dont suppress the pair of woobling beauty..
Uff.. Awesome
awesommmm my jani plz contact me
+Jessi June Seriously are those the real deal no work done just au natural fun bags installed at puberty?
неужели в америке до сих пор думают что у нас носят шапки ушанки?
do in America still think that we are hats with earflaps?
i am falling for u
soo hot
Ans Sad
free nice tanks
Dar Zad
halo, jessi june boleh kenalan ditunggu ya ?
June Show Your Boobs Pleae ;)
im sorry my labtop is nt working .i ordered a new one. that was a electrical shocking problem.
Hai your boobs I LIKE IT.
jessi i luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for these photos
very secy
haha well enjoy our rain...;)
Hi me these photos Bfrshyd.  (
if u came to know that what will happened to you after death than you will leave such these type of stupidities .....fuck off bloody asshole 
Vivid! that hat is ..well, tops.
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