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Jessi Capture's Chicago

So I listened to all your suggestions, and tried to get everything in. I gotta tell you, though: between the traffic and the construction (every city I go to is under major road work for some reason) It wasn't easy!

I got Ditka's, Water Tower Place, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, The Shiny Thing, The Buckingham Fountain at Grant Park, Soldier Field, a bunch of different sky line shots, The Sears Tower, and some were from Lake Shore Drive.

I think I missed the Osaka Gardens, Uno, and Wrigley Field, which I'm gonna get on another day.

Hopefully you guys like it!! All taken for my buddies here! ;)
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Hey! Any shots of the Big-O? Omaha, I mean. Hope you got a good first impression, except for that flooding that has knocked out I-29.
I got a great idea Jessi let's grab our cameras and go photo taking together.
Girl I wasn't a fan (or even knew who you were)(sorry) before google plus but I am a fan now.
Nice photos. :) Even though I'm from Illinois, I've never visited Chicago; I'll have to rectify that sometime.
+Jason Vines Between the great food and awesome sights, the Second City is a must see for everyone at some point in time!
Very nice pictures! Looks like you went around the block at least once!
+John Widmer Its what's killing attendance at Sports Venue's everywhere in the US. Coverage on TV is so awesome, alot of the time, its just not worth going. I'm still gonna try though! lol
+Sumit Kanaujiya Thanks Bud!
+philipps manon Not so bad yet, about 58 today with a 10-15mph wind... Nippy, but not terrible!
Sight-seeing is fun. Great photos Jessi. Love Chicago. I think you got most of the major things :) Buckingham Fountain is iconic... you got that shiny bean thingy in Millennium Park (does it have a name?) I can see Trump Tower, Willis Tower (it will always be Sears Tower to me), Hancock building, Soldier Field... Did you hit up all these places in one day?
Nice photos even though I'm from jordan, I've never visited Chicago
I will do so in the near..
Nice day :)
+Johnathan Chung Once my Post this morning topped out at comments, and I had promised people pics of Chicago, I figured, "Well, might as well get to work!" and headed out! Had some lunch, took some pics, grabbed some starbucks, took more, and headed back to the room! Did some light editing, and here I am! lol
+Richesh Jha Thanks!
very interesting pictures
love the pics,our city is always under constant construction too
if your still in chi try fat willys rib shack.its the best ribs in chi
Thành phố thật đẹp !!! (The city is beautiful!)
+Jessi June u rock.. Ur a woman of her word.. U dont see that respect for the fans.. I love the interaction.. Im sure so does everyone else.. U beat +Britney Spears any day of the week in my books...
Nice pictures. I was impressed with Millennium park when I visited. Haha, The shiny thing is called Cloud Gate.
Chicago is an awesome place. You're great to your fans, everyone appreciates it.
Given how much you like the Bears, I would have figured you'd just camp out at Ditka's...
+John Widmer Thats what I like to hear! Inspiration to the stomach! lol.
+Spencer Redden Yeah, I'm noticing a huge comment/+1 differential between this morning and Now... I think I'm quickly learning why people stop by! lmao.
+Todd Eddy Thanks for name dropping the place. I always new it as the shiny thing! lol
Hi this is neongini from India and love this place some i will be their and it is awesome
+mojib mirzaei My assistants, lefty and righty did it! I just send the signals down to them. lmao. All me buddy! Me, me, and nothing but me! (and a little lightroom! lol)
+Anthony Fiorito If he was there, I would be pulling a Wayne's World in front of him... "I'm not worthy!! I'm not worthy!!" lmao
Do you like the Bears on Sunday, kid???
+Bill Moisuk I like the Bears EVERYDAY!! lol. I can't possibly pick against my bears when the cheese balls are in town... Bears Baby! lol
+matt schenden Thanks Bud!! I'm glad you like them!!
Any chance of some candids of you from your trip?
Awesome pics, thanks for sharing :D Billy Goat Tavern is another classic from SNL days
+David Stockwell Cheezborger, Cheezborger! Pepsi, no Coke! lmao... I know it well!
+Les King I've posted some before, and I'll try to get some! I'll have a few photogs snap some for me! Hard to take pics of myself! lol
+John Widmer I have no idea whats in Kentucky. May have to check with Guy Fieri! lol
+Jessi June Thanks for that. Only if you want to, but it would be cool to see some everyday pics of you too in the places you snap :)
You have to go to the Sears Tower and see the "Ledge"!! Some of my friends built it, very cool!!
Another great photo op place is the Chicago Botanic Gardens, if you have a chance to get there . . .
just nomal, nothing is special, but i like it
You travel a lot.Lived in many places.Interesting. I want to be like you. I love you.
lovely photos..keep us updated, uh?
Run Zaa
It is a great place to live.
forget ditkas girl you should be hitting up some illuminates your in chicago go get some great pizza
Yes, Jessi, US time zone is getting late, and Euro/Asia is way early. Hope you had a good day today. I'm sure it'll pick up again tomorrow Granted, another awesome picture of YOU probably would have garnered a bit more attention... :D
My home town. I live a few blocks from Pres. Obama's personal home. I was here 1st. lol
Collect some great Chicago fine art........
Thanks Jessi, now I can say I have been thru Chicago. WOOHOO
Good pic of that shiny thing.
Jessi you are genius nice+ photos i like your collection......
great pics, though was hoping to see you in them :)
hai it's your real profile vague? but u r looking nice...
Jessie, awesome job ! But next time slow down and smell the flowers.
You're not in a single picture.
were r u in these pictures ? we r missing u...u hav don a great job...
great place nice photography+jessi june
I just noticed that my pictures were spread out all across my profile, even though I posted them once as one album? How do I change that? Anyone know?? I don't want 15 posts about this! lol
Your pictures are wonderful and you are doing fantastically fine.
So wish you could go with me to my Marine Corps Ball this year...
+César Vélez Yeah, I did, but I didn't post them as photos, I posted it as an album, but I guess when people comment on them as photos, it turns them into a post? I felt bad. I had people complaining that it was cluttering their stream! I didn't even do it! lol.
+marc round Yeah, I had to! which is too bad because they lost the love that was given to them when I deleted the post. :(
so great friend1
looking Awesom
chicago.............never been to there...hope 2 b dere soon
Alfas k
How much will it cost for a tour to Chicago from India?
Wow, Jessi great skylines. Chicago has some great buildings and surroundings. You did a great job at bringing it to life. I was there in 2002 an I haven't been able to get back so thank for the pictures. So many memories.. And thanks.
wia jii
Chicago, beautiful
raju RB
ya its so nice
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i like ur style ..hope to be frinz
Lovely... I want to go there... ;D
Raja P
Nice your photo, you are look so beauty..
I have all ways wanted to go there,your photos are so awesome thank you..Go CUBS....
super foto, respect you for such photos
Very nice shots ! Happy seeing you get a nice DSLR and now seing your photos !
I love seeing shots of my hometown just makes me miss it that much more. I haven't been back to Chicago in almost 10 years which seems like an eternity but seeing your pictures makes me happy :P and you definitely have to go to Wrigley Field next time preferably during baseball season and actually watch a game from the bleachers.
assalam to all of you
wow, so beautiful
en Have you been to Beijing ? it must be a deep impression for you !!!!!!!!!!!
These pics are beautiful!
Hehe, Do you know Viet Nam?
Hey jessi Ur Pics r jst awsom..... allow me to cmnt on those.....
well constructed building
these pictures r very beautiful
nice pics hope u enjoyed the tour
Nice photos of some of Chicago's architectural works, did you get any of the Great Lakes?
You're good u should think about this for a career
Doing a photowalk in Chicago on 9/30 :-) 
Linda! Valeu a pena te adicionar. Sou brasileiro, não falo seu idioma mas para te cortejar basta um olhar e gestos. Beijo!
Shiny thing is the BEAN! ha awesome pics, i hope to travel there soon also
See? +Jessi June Put up a pic of a building (however interesting it might be) and the post is still open. Put up a pic of YOU, taken by you, of yourself in a mirror, and the post hits it's limit. Kinda shows where our interests lie, huh? :D
+Jessi June nice photos. I always like to see how other people interpret their area and what seems important to photograph. You should consider going on Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk; I think you'd enjoy going around with a group of other photographers just for the sake of photography for fun. Also, thx for candid -- you seem more real when you post those! Would have commented on that post, but if you post a sexy pic, comments fill up fast.
nice poto collection frnd im vijay from india
You were looking sexy before going to bed
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where is this place
i think you go there for traveling and take this pics........
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Your beautiful and perfect like mine, which it Leyte people from everywhere in order to narrate history and beauty of nature
really are beautiful photos that you got are very good
Mr Sang
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hi..........friend u r so very nice girl in the enjoy every moment in your life..........thanks ---mukhram yadav (jaipur - india)
wowwwwwwwwwwww super shots
too bad the packers are going to win! Go Pack Go!
so hot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Chicago in the nude! Whatta concept!
i love You CHICKago and picture of YOURS ... i know that you got the point :D
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Ditka's pronounced without the "t" the
Chicago way
BaGUS, AKU SENANG KARYA ARSITEKTUR, CHICAGO iNDAH, I like It, Architecture are beautifull
In all potos,where are you ? I cannot find you.
lovely photographs, keep it on
ya know I am new to this site but not new to Chicago and I am so pumped to be able to see the sights I was not able to see when I was there.
Arjun V
Thank you kindly for sharing,these lovely photographs
wow,so beautiful city,cute
It”s a Clean city and comments.
GREAT PICTURES! I "was" planning a trip to Chicago this past summer, so those pictures hit the spot! thx!
I can't wait, I am already having an orgasm and ejuculating at your pics darling
my wish is to be with yoooou
wonderful lady _
very-very busy......better come to Bali and meet with me...
Very beautiful pics.....really wanna go there one
thnks 4 shrng its beautiful
Jessi your photos are very good.Thanks for sharing. Next time visit Bulgaria-Europa
Hi jessi i am your new friend-----------------good evening.
Thank you for your sharing, I'm an indonesian like to collect photographs.
hi darling nice place u visited like u are good have ever been to India (Bangalore) if not com its nice place to visit also
nice view of city thank you
Thanks to sharing photographs
Hope to visit those places some day. Thanks Jessi.
Ok, sure, you hit the tourist spots. That's fine the first time out. Next time, maybe a little local flavor...

That's the theme of my upcoming Mobile Hangouts in Chicago. If you're in town and want to jump in and mix with the natives, you know how to reach me... :+)

+Jessi June
wow wat a nice collections thanks for sharing with me
jessi can i have your email again please ??
jessi my id is
As you think, I like it more than your prety body.
Bem gostei muito, lugares maravilhosos, quem sabe dou uma volta por ai na ferias... Adorei!!!
wowwwwwwwwwwwwww......u r good at photoing.....
great.....I really want to travel there......但是,无米啊。。。。
Thanks for share such wonderful photo
thanks again
Chicago!Did you watched the Bulls game?
too wonderful, you are the nicest girl I have ever known.Nice to make friend with you. view my profile and leave me a message. Thank you.
so B U T FULL...............AND WONDERFULL............Cool, snaps..........
joy uy
it is wonderful
hey jesse do u love me
we can have sex
very nice shots! hope to see more specially those you yourself like the best.
Next time you are in town drop me a line - I have a bit of experience in shooting Chicago architecture.
nicely photographed important places in chicago 
In front or behind the camera, you do great work:)
She 's not only A beautiful model but also A good Photographer. By Her I now know how Chicago looks like .Thanks Jessi June .
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