The Workshop

So it's time! Here are the details for all of the photographers out there looking to better themselves, and their portfolios, over the course of 2 days. I have nine of the best models in the USA coming to Las Vegas, NV on Dec. 1st and 2nd to take part in one of the best workshops this country has seen. This is not your typical group shoot. Check it out BELOW!! 

The Muse Masters Workshop Series 

When - Saturday December 1st and Sunday December 2nd 

Where - Las Vegas, NV

There will be 4 individual penthouse suites, with each containing one workshop. These rooms will be 2000 sq. ft. or larger, so there will be more then ample space for shooting and teaching 

Who - The current models who are confirmed and attending 

The Muse Masters

Carlotta Champagne - 
Highlights: Over 20 Separate Playboy Appearances, Multiple Covers, and countless feature appearances in magazines around the world. 

Jessica Vaugn - 
Highlights: Playboy Playmate, Cybergirl, FHM, Maxim, Show, and current feature writer for Playboy's Blog, amidst plenty of other accolades. 

Christie Gabriel - 
Highlights: Agency Represented working model for over 10 years, Author of "The Self Made Model", Vogue, Cartier, Aveda, and countless other ad campaigns.

Jess Robinson - 
Highlights: Over 15 Separate Playboy publications, Eikona, and countless other magazine and lingerie catalog appearances. 

Veronica LaVery - 
Highlights: Playboy Playmate, Cybergirl, FHM, Maxim, Twyst, Tattoo, Bizarre, and tons of Catalogue, runway, and clothing campaigns. 

Lauren Calaway - 
Highlights: Agency Represented Fashion model, Over 80 brand campaigns, dozens of magazine appearances, and Editor-in-chief of Nouveau.

Kelly - 
Highlights: Modern Day Renaissance woman, One of the most booked Art-Nude Models in the world, tons of publication appearances. 

Sarah Richling - 
Highlights: Multiple Playboy Features, billboard campaigns, clothing catalogues, and significant TV appearances.

SaraLiz - 
Highlights: Multiple Playboy appearances, Penthouse, HollyRandall, Danni, Runway model, and multiple advertisement campaigns.

The Mentors

Art/Nude Mentor: 
- T.H. Taylor - 

Glamour Mentor: 
- Danny Griffin - 

Fashion Mentor: 
- Duke Morse - 

Oh, and did I forget to mention that we'll be celebrating my 21st birthday on sunday night in a club we rented out in Vegas!!

And that +Jessie Shannon will be jumping out of cake for my birthday present, in hopefully nothing but some heels?!? Lol. 

This workshop will be EPIC!! Not only will you go home with enough amazing images for an entire new portfolio, but you'll also get to network with other professionals, and the skills you'll learn will forever improves your photography business! I guarantee it!! 

So... What do you think G+?? If your interested in going and would like the pricing details, let me know in a comment, and I'll get you the contact details sent over on here on a private message!! 

Looking forward to meeting all of you guys soon!! 
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