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Well, My picks didn't go over too well yesterday. I think I ended batting .500, but isn't that one of the best things about the start of football season?? Anything could happen!! We'll see how I do next week.

I'm also glad the modeling post got such awesome responses!! Thanks for being so open to hearing life from in front of the flash! I'll definitely do more of those as time goes on.

Today I'm switching hotels here in Chicago, preparing for my fellow model to come crash with me, and then having a shoot. So decently busy day... But someone pointed out its been a few days since they got a pic... SO...

Photo Credit: Jefferson Peak

PS. I posted a photoshopped version of this photo a long time ago, so for you original people, heres what you wanted to see. ;)
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nise shot vry qqqtttttttt..............

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+Jessi June This is such a brilliant capture.. wonder what editing did you on top of it with photoshop?
love this!
how was the lighting? I think there was one big bank above and in front of you, slightly on the left.
Super photo Jessie luv it!!!
You make skin look good, thanks for sharing :P
It does not matter how good or bad you do cause people will still like the way you are especially in your profession. That is why they still keep you there and doing what your doing. I know I would.
Great picture!

Regarding the games, I was freaking out during that Colts/Steelers game..ugh, that was too close. Good luck on your picks for the upcoming week! Looking forward to seeing them :)
+Najam Khan You have to go back to one of my first few posts, and you'll see it. It's all blacked out and with an awesome setting! I think you'll like it!
rana bd
i think this photo can burn full google+ , that much hot and classic
mr x
It's still the boots! And yeah, maybe I've got issues... ;)
Is this original pic of yours?.....
+Robert Guerra Aww, Thanks Bud! I appreciate that!
+Carl Bell Seriously! That was ridiculous. The steelers need to learn NOT to play to their competition so much!
that's rely nice............
you are looking so so so sexy.....
+Robert Upshaw We're gonna negotiate a deal, and I'm just gonna send them to you soon! lmao.
Jessi u gOt everything a grl sUd hav in dem.... \m/ :*
+Jessi June --------> Undoubtedly its an Awesome click But wat's the Idea Behind this Pic..??
I think you nailed it Jessi. I find it amazing how many models don't know how to 'find the light' when being photographed. In the studio. it's pretty easy, but some still get it wrong. This photo's very raw...just you and the light. Nice work.
Did not see the photoshop version, but nothing like the original :)
+Christina Levin Hahaha, you should be!! Lions are 11-0 in their past 11 games! Reason to smile right there! And thanks for such kind words sweetie!!
hmmmmmm nice piece of pic
Damn you've got some bloody good pics going on. I love the 'home taken' ones best though. They show you as a very normal, albeit highly attractive woman.
OMG ... hey jessie, how u doin? the shot is breathe taking ;) u know every shot of u is like tat;) jessi plz post ur favorite picture of ur self, sorry 4 my poor english :(
who took that picture for you please send me more cant wait oooooh thats extra hot and mild dear!
it"s sexy................
Amazing pose that is on of my favorites so far.And thank you for the Model's side of the story I am always very aprehensive when it comes to talking to the people I photogragh but this really help a bunch. Maybe next time your in OKC we can Book a shoot.
i became 20 years younger because of your photo! tnk u dear!
I am inspired... don't know about what, but I am.
+baon respectour Of course its real! lol.
+Caden Reed Yeah yeah yeah... We'll see what happens next week with your precious raiders when they play the Patriots. Belichick Doesn't lose two in a row bud. lol. Good game though!
+Jason Becker-Swanson Hahaha, Awesome reference! lol. Thanks for reading!
your pose looking beautiful and sexy
+Jessi June you can use my arms next time ;) very sexy and alluring shot though. Lovely.
Jessi, didn't cha get tired of seein sexy in all comments? i think they should expand their vocabulary... ;) jessie do u remember ur first photo shoot? i'am eager to know about it, why don't cha write about it, i think everybody like to hear about it, +1 just 4 u dear + Jessi June
Not bad w/ the picks yesterday darling... told ya the Bears couldn't handle the Pack lol.... lovely pic btw, cheers....
Another in the fine line of Jessi June Handbras.
+Marc Babin Yeah, I was pretty sure it wouldn't be a happy ending either, but I can't pick against my team, especially not in a rivalry game.
+IDean Sharghi I'll try to do that one day!
+Phoenix Bass lol, thanks bud!
+Jessi June Daaa Bears kept shooting themselves in the feet...ugh! The misery of being a Chicago sports fan! Well I love the posts and the pics keep it up!
jessi, tell me about ur feeling when he was taking this shot... if u r not so busy honey ;)
I'm just glad the Lions won. Also, great pic. :)
Following your advise from your earlier post I wont say how sexy or hot you look but compliment your emotion and lighting, very nice
sweet to know u... and nice to see the wonderful body....
u know what? i think G+ should invent a new Unit named CPS ( comment per second) 4 u in order to calculate ur comments ;) +1 this Comment if u like it ;)
you are kidding me now with your pic..... i'm get crazy about that!!!!!!!!!!
Keep the pictures coming please oh my my!!
Nice one, looking forward to know what you where looking at over there :-)
Very nice thax for your time that you spend . Very sex 
pheww....!!WAT A PIECE.....
That hoooooooooooooooooooooot
And a plus one for this . Loving the pics . Keep them coming . Following you on Twitter too . ;)
God I wish I could travel like you.
it's so sexy...

but it's not full open..
really wow. keep going :)
What a great combination of light, shadow and oh yes you :-)
Woooowwwwwww ... SuperB .. So Beautiful ... :-*
lookin gorgeous.......!
Btw you can't get football picks right everytime, too many variables to consider. I'm happy with a 60-70% hit rate. Blown calls, bad throws, wind, sun, rain, whos' not feeling well after the start and lets not forget some defensive linemen are 300+ pounds and get winded easily. Theres lots more to come.
you are locking cool.................i like you
not so sexy as was i bathroom
u r looking very coolllllllllllllllllllllll
it sounds like you get to travel around quite a bit! how is it you resist the urge to try all the exciting restaurants a city has to offer and to stay in shape??
this is very hot lock..............................................
Yesterday you posted " a little extra jiggle in your butt" looks fine to me.
woooow,,, reeeeealy nice pic.. I like it
very hot and cooooooooooolllllll
but u can put larg pic
nice shoes, btw, ever gave a thought about acting? your facial expression is something else...
Thanks for sharing, Jessi So is this a Photoshop version?...
It's very hot.............................................
I love seeing the unaltered shots. Too much post-production these days.
sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy

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dios es lo mas bello q an visto mis ojos, q hermosura de cuerpo
nice baby..............
love you............
2 models in the same hotel room??? Ah to be a comforter beneath that pillow fight. :) Have a great day +Jessi June !!!
you always bat .500 in my eyes with yer pix. and whens the next time yer gonna be on the east coast?
wooooh my God!BEAUTIFUL !
So much passion! Love when shots come out this way.
LOVE IT !! If I could hit the +1 more than 1 time youe'd have a hundred more right now.
Nice pic, Jessi! Hey what is that spot called where you can see your butt cheek when you are facing the camera. I would like to see a picture of that, classy yet sexy. You do have some nice glutes.
i finished .......................
Looks fab on my phone as wallpaper 
Thats really cool the play on the lighting to skin and dark apparel.
Incredibly breathtaking...
I am a huge Bears fan also. I was not able to watch the game but listening to it was bad enough. They need to get some rhythm on continuity offense...these are veteran guys, pathetic. What was the deal with the punt return at the end of the game was there a phantom penalty.
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
so sexy how do you get those amazing boobs and my and i have a feetish for boots like yours
Three hours later and this is still at the top of my stream. I'd say I need to expand my circles, but well... :)
I just saw ur pic from the 23rd... I'm speechless..
This photo is captivating! You are a natural beauty with such great curves. 
I Like. Portugal like. The World Like.
I always look forward to your pics, they make my morning lol....thank you
+Jessi June Awesome picture! I like the non Photoshopped one the best! All about true beauty and you have it! :)
Great and splendid photo...
this girl is too hottt nd also beautiful, love ya dear

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Now that's what I call a healthy specimen of female humanity! Great shot, Jessi!
I can see where this is going to be more interesting than facebook!
AWESOME brilliant PERFECT nice COOL beautiful nothing more better 
Denis G
BTW, nice boots.......among other things !
you ARE very beautiful
esp your eyes ,june
if your eyes color is natural?!
u r very sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..........................
thevudia pundaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.............,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
that is not we wanna to see. you just show us what you want us to see. ofcourse we want more
que beleza em,uau!rsrsrsrsrsrssuuuuuuuuuuuufa
so sexy? no,
absolutely bloody hell sexy god 
ouw! sexy!

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I have to agree Eric Beeson ... the food not so much
i did not want to see this i wanted to see hands up LOL :)
Looks like someone just stole her coat
e legal essa foto gostei bastante diferente show de bloa
Lol... Can I borrow your bra?
nice picture and cute action!
Wow. That's so cool with the original and the one with wings.
Classy, not over the top. I really like these types of artistic captures.
i seriously want to meet you now...........
attention please
What hair, what God has given the beauties, Wherever you go, people go crazy to you, swear to God you have Judgement.
Anyone know any girls who are interested in fucking n suck ING each other, in my tent lol
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