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Spokane, and a travel question...

You know, the problem with living on the road is the fact that my schedule moves forward whether I'm ready for it to or not. I got really sick the past few days in Seattle, and spent most of the time trying to get better so I'm not miserable over the coming drive from hell. Come Sunday, I hit the road to drive through 2 time zones, 1800 miles, and I have to be in Milwaukee by the 4th.

The Travel Question

So, I'm driving the 1800 miles regardless, but as I really try to reach out to all of you amazing people on here, and I know how some of you love to see the places I go, here is my question. I can take a direct route to Milwaukee, through Montana and North Dakota with stops in Billings and Fargo before arriving in Cheeseville. .... OR I could take a few side roads, drive a few extra hours, and hit up Yellowstone Nat'l Park AND Mount Rushmore on my way through to Milwaukee. 1720 miles, 27 hours without the landmarks, or 1850 miles, and 30 hours.. I leave it in your hands!

G+, What Would You Do / What Would You Like Me To Do??

Here's a shot I got back from my Portland, OR stop a few days ago! I think you guys will like it! ;)

Love Ya!! Looking forward to seeing your answers!
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+Jessi June I say go for the landmarks its not too much out of the way and it will make the trip way more interesting
I would definitely say take the scenic route, if you have the time and are not too sick still to enjoy it.
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+Jessi June did you catch the NFL Draft Thurs or tonight? If so any thoughts on the Bears picks?
What would you like me to do is such a loaded question.
I say we'd like you around for the long term, and therefore take the route that's easiest on you. If driving straight through is easier for you, then do that. If, on the other hand, the scenic route would help you recuperate, then take that one. This is one of those things where you know you best. At any rate, Bon Voyage, go with God, be safe, and all that good stuff! ;-)
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+Jessi June At that point, 3 hours is only 11% more time. Not a bad trade-off. If you haven't been to Yellowstone or Mt Rushmore before, then I say go for it :) Don't forget to take pics!

On the other hand, if you're just going to blast straight through and not take the time or don't have the time to enjoy it, then maybe skip it. That's a lot of driving you have ahead of you. Hope you're feeling better.

(I'm trying to come up with a good ninja joke for this photo :P)
Great shot and I think you should definitely hit up Yellow Stone if you have never been there, it is worth the delay. Mount Rushmore isnt that great but is nice to see.
Well it is always good to see the sights when you can but with as much travelling as you do, you will hopefully get a chance to see those sights on a less hectic trip +Jessi June
staaaay awaaaay from IOWA! nuthin to see here, just keep movin #previousexperience
i look forward to ur daily pics .... giggity!
Zen Red
big fan Jessie
Take it from me - never be too busy not to take in all the cool sites.... we have a very cool country and sadly many seem to be blinded by work or to busy to actually notice anything anymore... sadly that seems to include me much of the time...but at least I know it..
+Jessi June If your feeling well enough to take those landmark photos, then do so. If not, your health and well being are more important. Mahalo for the pic!!!
I, like you +Jessi June , plan my trips tight day by day and have to stay on schedule. Since I am heading your way for the same sights of Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Custer, Devils Tower et al that would be the trip I would take even if not feeling well. I hope you fell well enuf to enjoy the sights.
The NFL draft was a zoom to the moon lighting round this year and pretty fascinating. Hard to believe we are barren till August. Lucky for me I have my passion for EPL football having lived and played in London for two years. Almost time for the playoffs there in the EPL and my Reds, that's Liverpool to you civilians, are in the finals against Chelsea for the FA cup. Exciting times or watching paint dry. Depends on your outlook. Go Reds.
Your photo, as always, leaves us wanting to be a sheet, pillow or photographer. We can only dream of a chance to actually meet you in person. I continue to be hopeful that you will break down and communicate a meeting place to me on our converging road trips. I hate to think that we will be Longfellow's Evangeline "ships that pass in the night".
Feel better and big hugs across the miles to you,
Normally, I would check out the countryside, but long trips can be draining. Maybe you should play it day by day, making sure you stay on top of your game. Love it or hate it, you gotta be ready for work. It is, after all, the reason for the trip. Take care!
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If it where me l do the scenic route, as l see and read from the others they are in favor of a scenic route. Sexy pic, thanks for sharing J.J.
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Take the scenic route, definitely.
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lets be honest... landmarks are more fun for all of us :)
I don't live in America so I'd ask you to drive through the landmarks but not sure how you'd feel about adding on an extra 3 hours to your drive?
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well if it was me i would take the short route because of time if you push to hard bad things tend to happen keep your mind on the drive and get there in one peice
Yellowstone is amazing to go through and see. If this is your only chance, I would take yellowstone. I had the chance to go there several times when younger, and seeing old faithful, and some of the other stuff there was really neat. You need a lot of time for yellowstone though.
Ich muss um die Welt reisen um den Nationalpark zu sehen, du hast die Chance, also nutze sie!
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Even though your pics and comments would be awesome, I would want the shorter for you so you could rest more and feel better.
Jessi you are a woman after my own heart,love your work,glad you're out there for us! and you already know you are BEAUTIFUL!
+Jessi June, personally, I would visit the land marks since I have never seen them in person. If you haven't either, you should. If it is truly only a 3 hour difference in time, it would be worth it.
The selfish man in me says I would love to see pictures of these monuments with YOU in them...
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Totally Rushmore!!! +Jessi June if you do head that way I recommend you stay in deadwood. very cool stuff.
if this will happen to see with me it willlll be nice too
+Jessi June Take the scenic route hun... You will be mad at yourself if you dont!! Be safe and take lots of pics....
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Yellowstone is gorgeous but implies that you have the time to look around a bit. A must see destination but if you won't have time to get out of the car and walk around a little then I'd skip it this time through. Mt. Rushmore can be digested more quickly although again having time to get out of the car and walk around certainly will enhance the memories. You can also get there, see it and be on your way. So for me it really comes down to time, if you have some spare time on this drive then both spots are certainly on any USA travelers must see places list. If it's a blitz drive then just take the fastest route.
Landmarks if you have time and feel up to it
Wow! I'd say if you are feeling up to it, stop and smell the roses.Take some side trips on the way, take some pix, try and enjoy the moment. You do have until May 4th.
Otherwise, if you feel like you are going to get worse (after all, you are human), go direct and once you are in Milwaukee, you can get some rest.
Landmarks, well worth the detour... As for the picture, its sensually beautiful.
go for the landmarks. hope you feel better soon. sexy pic!
Hola Jessi eres una buena modelo, me gustan tus fotos. Que te siga andando bien en tu carrera. Desde Panamá, Saludos.
You got to go see Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore. Great places to visit.
If you're up to it, I'd take the scenic route. You at Yellowstone can only enhance it's beauty.
+Jessi June Never pass up a chance to see the natural/man made wonders of this world. The extra cost, 3 hours of time and 130 miles will make that drive seem incredible. I can't wait to have a chance to visit either of those places. I don't think you should pass up on the opportunity.
sexy shot looking for the full shoot ;)
Jesse, this time of year the parks are mostly still closed and the weather has been crappy around Montana, Wyoming area. I suggest you stick to the original plan and stay in billings because I live there. 
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you should spend some time in Spokane. Its really a great place to relax, and have fun to recharge the batteries.
I'd agree with most of these folks, if you feel up to it take the scenic route . You'll be glad you did!
hey beautiful if u pass thru rockspring wy let me know ok:p
Go for the scenic the photo. Beautiful!
Scenic route especially when you are in the photos. (I hope you are feeling better too)
See the sites. Lots of pic too!
You have to take the side roads. Life is a journey, not a destination.
Yellowstone gonna be a Madhouse. Go back during X-mas. Gotta be the best time.........................
I would say to hit the landmarks! Don't forget to factor in time to stop and check out said landmarks as well... :) Oh and take a picture while you are there.. :)
more close up could be attractive.. still gorgeous
if you were feelin better , sight see ,but , because your not 100% -- quicker may be the best
You owe it to yourself and your good health to go the scenic route. Trust me when I say, that I know what I am talking about... Have some fun, it's all about ths journey.
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+Jessi June Take the scenic route. More opportunities for pictures of new and exciting places. The sights you see along the way will be memories you'll have forever in my opinion.
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Oh true... If you are still not feeling at a100% then skip it til next time...
Drive safe!
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+Jessi June, flagged one moron for you. As to the route question, I'd suggest that you hit up the long route and enjoy the country a bit. If you read the graphic novel, DMZ, you'll realize just how close the country is to that reality. It might be nice to see before it's gone.
I think your doing great in this shot. I also enjoy your Arial views of our great lands.
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