Spokane, and a travel question...

You know, the problem with living on the road is the fact that my schedule moves forward whether I'm ready for it to or not. I got really sick the past few days in Seattle, and spent most of the time trying to get better so I'm not miserable over the coming drive from hell. Come Sunday, I hit the road to drive through 2 time zones, 1800 miles, and I have to be in Milwaukee by the 4th.

The Travel Question

So, I'm driving the 1800 miles regardless, but as I really try to reach out to all of you amazing people on here, and I know how some of you love to see the places I go, here is my question. I can take a direct route to Milwaukee, through Montana and North Dakota with stops in Billings and Fargo before arriving in Cheeseville. .... OR I could take a few side roads, drive a few extra hours, and hit up Yellowstone Nat'l Park AND Mount Rushmore on my way through to Milwaukee. 1720 miles, 27 hours without the landmarks, or 1850 miles, and 30 hours.. I leave it in your hands!

G+, What Would You Do / What Would You Like Me To Do??

Here's a shot I got back from my Portland, OR stop a few days ago! I think you guys will like it! ;)

Love Ya!! Looking forward to seeing your answers!
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