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Yellowstone National Park

The 6am wake up call was kind of rough after all the driving late last night, but man-oh-man was it worth it! Yellowstone is one of the most beautiful parks I've been to in this country. I mean, it has it all! Mountains, plains, forests, hot springs, geysers, wetlands, almost any terrain short of a desert can be found somewhere in this park.

I only got to see half of the park, but was able to have close encounters with Bison, Elk, Coyotes, and I think even a few moose. I went and witnessed Old Faithful and took alot of shots I hope will come out good of all different landscapes and waterfalls (some included below!). The hot springs were cool too, but some of the smells you'll encounter around the park will definitely make your nose twitch a few times. It's not all roses around there lol.

I'm absolutely thrilled I made the side trip (like you guys suggested) and was amazed by the park. I hopped back up to I-90, and drove for the next 8 hours to Rapid City, South Dakota, where I am now! I'm going to try to sleep in tomorrow, then I'm going to visit Mount Rushmore real fast, followed by 10 hours of driving to Minneapolis! Tomorrow is the rough day of driving, 600 miles! I'm gonna be shooting with Scott Miron again in Minneapolis, so you guys will have more pictures of his (which you usually love!)

For now, I gotta get some work done and hit the gym before crashing, so here's Old Faithful, and a few other shots I've gone through (sorry if it posts them individually as you comment on them, I'm not sure why that happens!) Hopefully you guys enjoy the shots, and I'll be around for a few! If I find anymore, I'll post them!

From Mount Rushmore, with Love!! ;)
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They say that Yellow Stone National Park is the starting line for Disasters which will inevitability destroy the world. I simply have to agree with you it is a very uniqeu wich makes it even more so
As always you shatter the sterotype of the dumb model. I look forward to your posts, not only for the beautiful pictures of you but also for the insightful comments and your own pictures. Keep up the awesome work!
That is such an amazing place. I miss going there on vacation. Take a bunch of pics of the geysers plz
Hmmmm, looks like you need to get behind the camera more often!
I remember seeing my first wild buffalo i was 12 yrs old on a greyhound bus with my grandma.. love the picture and the great memmory it brought to me
I like the landscape photos. Very peaceful and awe-inspiring.
Thank you Jessi. Stay safe and get your rest. I am getting old I guess and the protector in me comes out, sorry if you get tired of me asking you to be safe.
I am with +Barry Shaffner and want you to get some rest and stay safe +Jessi June :) Glad you have the chance to see Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore. Excellent pictures, you will make a good photographer.
Its just like looking at a National Geogrphic mag.....Nice
Man.. I need to get out more. +Jessi June these are very nice. Thank you for the pause to share.
Rapid City is nice I was up there for Sturgis a few years ago.
You should see Yellowstone in the winter..... It's amazing!
I'll be in Montana in August...thinking about making the drive over to Yellowstone. Might just have to!
Yellowstone is a place I have never visited but really want too especially for the photographic opportunities
Hi Jess. This is my first post to you. So I hope you read it. I saw you beautifull pics. I would like to know what do you think is the difference between love and lust? Is lust good or bad? How do you think love/lust fits in a marriage? Greetings. Daniel
WHAT IS....... Jessi you beautiful...?
Woah Jessi ! to much make up on that shoot ! lol :p
Yellowstone is awesome. One of the few places in the US I'd really like to visit. Before it blows itself up.
enfin une autre facette de vous .AGREABLE! merci...
+Jessi June As you may remember I'm from the Minneapple and I have a food suggestion for you. Go to Psycho Suzi's Motor lounge ( Try the pizza and have a tiki drink. You can thank me later!!! +Guy Fieri has been there!!! but I want your review!
+Jessi June checking in from Minneapolis here as well, a few suggestions for you: The Rusty Taco, and Izzy's Ice Cream Parlour. Rusty Taco has various taco creations to try, and Izzy's is known for having some of the best ice cream in the Twin Cities!
Thanks for sharing those great pictures with us. I've always wanted to go to Yellowstone.
dear jessi
you are actually enjoying at what you see in your travel-same we, the G+ members enjoy through your lens - really the animals with over coat are fine to see - thanks - expecting more better photos.
Reminds me of my trip to South Africa and Kruger Park - the biggest safari park in SA. But looking at your pics is making me think about going out and buying a new camera!
Very nice Pictures from Yellostone Park. I think its very beautiful to see it life. Great powerful pictures.
I actually used to visit Yellowstone annually- in the winter. Usually early January, right after the Christmas/New Year rush. I'd rent an Arctic Cat EXT Powder Special from the Pine Shadows in W. Yellowstone and enjoy the minus 35 Fahrenheit of the park at day break. Those big guys would be sitting in the trail sometimes so I'd slowly (and nervously) work around them. Actually got pulled over for speeding by a Yellowstone officer on a sled! Still, winter is a beautiful time to tour that park. Try it some time.
I have never seen this place but i like that and this bull was seem very powerful
Oh I think that's where I am going on a Road trip to this summer, really have got to motivate people to get out more often!
nothin wrong w/ shots a' Mr. B --
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208 likes, 50 comments. No need to say your community likes any of your half-naked fotos better than learning what YOU actually like, be it food or landscapes...
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Aah this awesome... I'm really jealous Jess ;)

Definitely on my "must see" list for when I come over to visit the day...sometime soon...after the rainy season...when the birds start migrating south again...kind of thing ;-p

Think I better start planning for next year. Thailand and Italy first :D
(more affordable at the moment, lol)
nice souvenirs !! i was there 14 years ago ! i love this park :)
It is ur choice to be a Lady. "If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice."-RUSH.
Awesome Place to be. I'm sure we will be taping a nature show there soon. Nice Pics
I got to go to parts of the park the public isn't allowed. We were allowed to test water and soil samples. Really awesome experience.
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You got that  right. Our planet is in enough trouble. That is why it's nice to see that. That is also why I host an Outdoor Show.
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