Well, my first New Years Resolution was probably the same as most people's... Gotta keep my butt in the gym! I need to become a Gym rat, but I just don't like going, so I'm working on it!

My second resolution was to work harder then I did last year! I had a great year last year, but we always need to strive to better ourselves. So I'm going to work harder to bring better content to this place, and harder in my modeling.

My third resolution? Expand my photography, so throughout the year, I'm going to post hot pictures of my model friends for you guys to eat up (and photographers to critique, of course) so expect a few other sexy ladies on this page. +Trey Ratcliff and +Thomas Hawk may own Landscape photography on this site, but dammit, there is just not enough glamour, so I'm going to help bring more sexiness to G+, and recruit some friends to help too! By the end of 2012, this is going to be one sexy ass place! lol :)

But how better to start the new year off (after football of course) then with a pic!

Let me know what you think! ;)
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