I've been here in Milwaukee working my tush off for the weekend, and I'll be here for most of tomorrow before heading down to Chicago for a very busy week of work.


Wow, finally saw the Avengers, and that was one kickass movie! Honestly, I think it has a little bit of everything for everyone! It was extremely well done, and I loved how everyone's stories interwound and were well integrated into the plot. It really is as good as you hear, and the hulk was the best rendition yet! Ironman was awesome as always, and all of the characters really played off each other so well. I was laughing one second, and then in awe the next, and I even almost cried (yeah, you guys who have seen it know the part... caught me completely by surprise) I give it 2 thumbs up!!

Now bring on Batman!! Can't wait to see the Dark Knight Rises, and even Spiderman looks pretty cool... But Avengers set the bar pretty high for Summer blockbusters!

I definitely miss you guys, and I'll swing you an update once I get to Chi-town!! Hopefully I can even catch a game (if they have enough non-injured players) and find time to update more!

Love You Guys!!
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