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I've been here in Milwaukee working my tush off for the weekend, and I'll be here for most of tomorrow before heading down to Chicago for a very busy week of work.


Wow, finally saw the Avengers, and that was one kickass movie! Honestly, I think it has a little bit of everything for everyone! It was extremely well done, and I loved how everyone's stories interwound and were well integrated into the plot. It really is as good as you hear, and the hulk was the best rendition yet! Ironman was awesome as always, and all of the characters really played off each other so well. I was laughing one second, and then in awe the next, and I even almost cried (yeah, you guys who have seen it know the part... caught me completely by surprise) I give it 2 thumbs up!!

Now bring on Batman!! Can't wait to see the Dark Knight Rises, and even Spiderman looks pretty cool... But Avengers set the bar pretty high for Summer blockbusters!

I definitely miss you guys, and I'll swing you an update once I get to Chi-town!! Hopefully I can even catch a game (if they have enough non-injured players) and find time to update more!

Love You Guys!!
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i'm agree with Avengers comment :). Great photo!
Yeah how awesome is that film!! Got to love Joss Wheedon for his ability to pull a movie of this size together. and hate him for that "thing" you are talking about in the movie.. I think I even yelled at the movie (out loud) when that happened.

Fantastic shot by the way.. Constant awe
aapke chut k baal dikhayi nai de rahe hai
awesome movie ... nice pic
Agreed, Avengers was awesome! Wish there was a bit more info/story about black widow & hawkeye as they were central characters in this movie but you don't really know much about them. Other than that, it was awesome!
you got a beautiful body jessi............
your stills are sizzling.................
To borrow a Snoop Dog lyrics ( Laid Back ) <3 <3
Opps and as beautiful as always
Oh Yea i was looking at the themes for google and you should create a theme so we can use it
Saya membahas pos ini bersama 1 orang di hangout.
Very,Very Beautiful and So Attractive!!!
wowwwwwwwww,,nice pic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,loooooooool
Great pic, +Jessi June . What was your favourite favourite (yes, 2x) moment in The Avengers? For me, it was the scene where the Hulk and Thor are standing next to each other after vanquishing a few of the bad guys and then the Hulk does something unexpected to Thor. Didn't see that one coming...
+Jessi June All of a sudden I have an overwhelming urge to buy a white couch
boyle r duruşla rahatlamak istedi isen ,ne gibi bir yorgunluk yaşadın bilmek isterdim?seni çok mu yordular ne?
A models work is never done. But one as beautiful as you, I can see why you're so busy.
the avengers metaphor. by far, Jessi, this is the most appropriate caption you have for as long as i have followed you. re: "it has a little bit of everything for everyone! It was extremely well done, and I loved how everyone's stories interwound and were well integrated". you are really well made.
waoooooooooooooooooo wtat pozzz ..........yaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Ready to falk with me
Crash landing? Nice shot, better if no stockings! 
Struth JJ, you left me in 'AWE' again. Keep up your good work.
Damn everyone and seeing the Avengers before me! Gotta say, your pose in the picture is something different.
I am a passionate man. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Hey Jessie are going to be in Chicago this weekend for digital days at the Hilton?
I agree +Jessi June The Avengers did kick some serious butt! We went and saw it twice :)
You never want to answer the??? How is the truck holding up??
snake like it seems absolutely a reptile.........
hi june i saw your all photo's they are awesome
Enjoy Chicago, sunshine. I needed a cheerful post and a beautiful picture today after losing a dear friend to breast cancer on my birthday yesterday.
Can't wait to see Avengers. I had to buy a super hero shirt yesterday. Not my style normally, but I am IronMan (no suit required). Society attacked me with the military style police force and mental hospitals, but I fought back and became an animal. Suddenly I am living a life like yours, but without the motivation for making money. My motivation comes from a strong desire to be found innocent, and to tell my story so society can see where it went wrong. My story is just an example of the many that have gone untold. Once people know the truth, we can learn to love and respect each other, instead of judging and rejecting each other.
Za Zank
Hmmmmm, it's so sexy...
AArrrrr..... Can i have you to night ?
Love you, too! Saw Avengers in 3D! It rocked pretty much like you! ;-D
Tmana so that the end of the week on vacation in Luxor, wherebeauty, imagination and temples and beautiful Arhalh Alnlah
The Avengers is good I thought The Dark Knight Rises would top it but it will be close. We will see what happens with The Amazing Spider-Man.
Gostosa não sei, mas que atrai, isso sim!
Chi-town represent! ^.^ Those are crazy-leg stockings! :P The accessories are a nice touch. I assume you provide your own wardrobe for all of these shoots +Jessi June?

The Bulls haven't been doing so great recently. Unless you're talking about the White Sox or Cubs, in which case ZZzzzz... hehe.

I hope to see the Avengers this weekend :D Is it worth staying until the very end of the credits? (No spoilers, please)
Johnathan Chung, it so worth staying until the end of the credits. Something important happens during the credits, so don't leave your seat!
looking 4 anythings more............
What does this photo have to do with The Avengers?
The Hulk made the movie for me... Unbound anger let loose on the enemy...and anybody near him... Awesome.

I can't get myself to watch the darn thing, because if I do; all the waiting and excitement and anticipation is over in less than two hours!!! 0_o

In the words of I'vona Hompalot from Austin Powers... "Vwhat to do...vwhat to dOOooo...." (strong rrrrussian accent while trying to squeeze whatever cleavage I can out of my manly chest - hahaha)

lol @ myself... sigh

Think I'll have a movie'thon soon and watch all the character movies for a build-up. Then top it off by going to the theaters for the superhero combo low-down.

lol I'm such a geek :D
Out of all the pics, this one is by far my favorite.
Wow, Sweety ! Me muero ! ;)
you're sooo pretty and Talented I adore you (eventhough I'm Irish)
Translate girl..........
Welcome to Chi JJ! Cant wait to see ya!
Cute. I just caught that flick today.

Mohamed Kouta .Mkouta75gmailc.coolmyjessjune.31c..

superbe jambe!! J'adore!!
You are very very very very hot
The Avengers was awesome. About the crying part - was not sure who it would be but Joss Whedon always does something like that. I am sure you watched Serenity. Safe travels.
I seen it last Saturday, awsome flick!
wow, so sexy your ass..
are you open no well can we be friends?
Não queira um pouquinho de amor, um pouquinho de tesão, um pouquinho de alguém. Quera tudo! Se não tiver, corra. Não vale a pena perder tempo com alguém que não sonha em ser todo seu e vc
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