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I'm scanning through channels, trying to find something to watch after the episode of Shark Week ended, and I stop at this a minute ago... I cried laughing and immediately pulled up G+!! Well done Ragu!! Amazing commercial!!!
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I saw this the other day on =3... Unbelievable, very funny.... The song was great :)
Anthony and his wife serve pasta every Wednesday. With Ragu. (You may only get this is you're from Boston and you remember Prince Spaghetti Day.)
Classic America: food is the cure for everything. That's why the kid weighs half a ton.
Haha yes!! Always exciting to check G+ to see what you've posted. What a winner this commercial is. Thanks!
Not that funny. Check out Jono and Ben at 10, or 7 Days (YouTube). Yes I'm parochial to NZ comedy, but this stuff is a good ab workout. 
Ragu could have come up with a better theme.   It's like rewarding what he saw ...should have been communication and lots of conversation...not slip it under a rug and eat Ragu

Đã gửi từ iPhone của tôi

Đã gửi từ iPhone của tôi
Where's the european version of that commercial???
yeon do
Do you ever read your comments?
hah this kid is gonna be Traumatized!
+Jessi June yes this commercial made me cry laughing the look on his face lol! I have been there son! :l
LOL :D um gonna share it plz don't mind :D
Although I can see the humor in this.....

I don't have kids and I think this is absolutely crazy.  My wife and I both looked at each other when we saw this the other day and our jaws dropped.  I can't believe a company would go "there" with their ad campaign.  Insane.  I think Ragu should be embarrassed to have this on TV. 
I instantly loved this commercial...I may or may not be able to relate :p
they`re always doin it.
luv ya jessi
All of these are funny, you have to see the spit on the face one. 
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