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creacion del eterno
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Jessi June

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Thank you +YouTube for reinstating my video. I appreciate your understanding and helpfullness in the matter. :)

In case you missed it, here's the iPhone 6 Plus 240 FPS video I made to show off the capabilities... and since I have boobs, I figured I'd have to combine the two. ;)
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These are real
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Jessi June

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+YouTube If a video of cleavage is too much for youtube, your going to have to remove every single Victoria's Secret clip, every single bikini video, and thousands upon thousands of others... There was no nudity or pornography... so explain to me why you took down my video... 

2.5 million people would love to know.... 
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Jessi June

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Je veux bien 
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Jessi June

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Last week, I went 12-4.. I don't think I'll do as well this week, but we'll see! Too many close games here. :)

Miami at Buffalo - This should be a good game. Both teams won close, big games in week 1, and though Miami had the more impressive win in my opinion since it was a divisional game, I think EJ and that running game pull this one out to go 2-0. It's a coin toss type game though. 

Jacksonville at Washington - Both of these teams had big disappointments. Jacksonville started like a bullet and finished like a sloth, while Washington had the Watts turned up and got electrified. I still believe in RG3, and though I think Jacksonville has the beginning of a bright future with Bortles, he's not playing yet. I'll take the Heisman to win at home. 

Dallas at Tennessee - I know, I hear the talk of how bad the Cowboys are, but I saw that game differently last week against the Niners. I saw a decent running game from Murray, and I saw them stifle the niners in the second half once they caught up to the storm that slammed them, and though Tony Romo was a walking greek tragedy last week, I think he rebounds. Give me Dallas on the road, to get back to their signature .500 record. ;)

Arizona at NY Giants - If Dallas looked Terrible, The G-men looked like Saint Mary's High School JV squad. I mean, I don't know where the wheel fell off with Big Blue, but this is getting bad. Eli isn't even hitting basic routes. Arizona has a quality D, and a decent enough Offense.. I think this one might get be an ugly game, but Arizona causes Boo's to rain down on the Gmen. 

New England at Minnesota - Well, .... New England lays a spanking on Minnesota... (Too soon??)

New Orleans at Cleveland - Don't expect a route here. Cleveland showed signs of life last week. I don't think they have enough, but I do believe they can be competitive. N'awlins in the pound. 

Atlanta at Cincinnati - Game of the week potential right here. Aj Green, Julio Jones, Gio Bernard, this has all the makings of a great game. I know Cinci's at home, but I'm taking alot of road teams this week, and I think ATL has one too many weapons rolling right now. I think Atlanta in what ends up being a good game for both teams. 

Detroit at Carolina -  Cam's back, and he'll be throwing to my sleeper pick, rookie phenom Kelvin Benjamin (FSU, GO NOLES), but that won't be enough to match Megatron, Bush-Push and Stafford. When Detroits offense is at full speed, it's one of the best out there. Give me another road team. Big D in the land of BBQ

St. Louis at Tampa Bay - Lovie gets the Bucs off the schneid, but this ones getting labeled the StuporBowl of the week. Not much to see here, move on... 

Seattle at San Diego - You know, I'm picking Seattle because it's the smart thing to do, but keep in mind their still not exactly the best road team. They're damn near undefeatable at home, but on the road, they are human. San Diego could dethrone the champs, but I just can't pick against them. Head vs. heart, and I'm going with head. Hawks. 

Houston at Oakland - I still like the rookie, but he's gonna have nightmares of JJ watt come tonight. I like Houston here, with the 100 million dollar man wreaking havoc once again. Texans on the road. 

NY Jets at Green Bay - I still don't believe in Geno, or CJ2k, and I think GB is gonna come out angry after last week. Jet's get discount double checked and the cheese heads bounce back. Green Bay

Kansas City at Denver - I'm thinking last week may have been an anomaly for KC, and they aren't as bad as they looked, so I'm expecting them to be competitive, but Denvers still just too much. Peyton leads the Broncos to 2-0 at mile high. 

Chicago at San Francisco - I don't want to talk about it. Fucking injuries. 

Philadelphia at Indianapolis - Another great game. Can't wait to watch this Monday night. Luck's going to be trying to bounce back after a tough game against Denver, and Philly is coming off a tale of two halves in their Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde performance against Jacksonville. I'd like to think Philly has enough talent to outrun Indy, and I think they do... but sometimes, you just have to ask yourself.. Is Indy an 0-2 team?? I don't think so. I think Luck pulls it out in a barn burner. Indy, but flip your own coin here. 

NFL at Public Opinion - You know, I'm seeing alot of things being said about the NFL having an image problem and all this drama going on this week with Ray Rice, AP, Greg Hardy, McDonald, but we need to be cautious not to generalize. There's 1700 players in the NFL, we're talking about 4 of them. Now sure there have been problems in the past, and yes, I acknowledge that this needs to change... but if 4 employees of any other company got into trouble for something, .25% of the work force, we wouldn't be saying that the whole company is full of abusers. Every group of people has a bell curve to it. You'll have the great, you'll have the terrible, and both of those are rare. Then you'll have everyone in the middle. Let's be cautious in generalizing against the whole group of players. The guilty should absolutely pay the price for their crimes, but that's for the law to decide, not us going off of the reports of what we know to be an overly sensationalizing media, that will trump up anything for ratings. I hope they throw the book at Rice; I don't agree with what AP did, but it's technically legal in Texas to hit your children with a switch, so now it's up to the level of force used, which will be subjective, so agree or not, he was within his rights (Just like how principals in southern Georgia schools can still give paddlings as punishments, I shit you not). Hardy should have been gone, because he was already found guilty, so that I feel was a definite misstep, and we know nothing on McDonald yet really. So let's take each case as it's own incident, and not jump on board the hype trains. 

....And to think, Everyone was talking about whether or not Michael Sam would be a distraction... 
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Jessi June

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Jessi June

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So in an attempt to follow up the success of my first video, I wanted to follow it up with a sequel that definitely improved on the first, and answered a commonly asked question: Real or fake? Well, now you can see the difference between real and fake breasts in Glorious Slow-Motion. Hope you guys enjoy!! ;) 
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very good 
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Jessi June

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Super Spicy Boobs Mam
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Jessi June

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So who's on the new network Ello?? ??

They're going to be implementing NSFW profiles, so your going to be able to see MUCH more of my modeling over there, as well as my other networks, so if your on there, go find me!
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Jessi June

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So I have an iPhone 6 Plus.

It shoots 240 FPS Slo-mo video.

I also have Breasts. I feel it would be irresponsible of me, as a model, to not combine these two things...  Lmao. Enjoy! :P
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Jessi June

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Blood and Babes Expo, Long Island, NY

You know, most girls put on clubbing dresses and 6 inch heels to go interact with fans... Well I say Fuck That!! I'm gonna be me! I've got my Nike Sky-Hi's on, and ‪#PandaJessi is gonna be at the Blood and Babes expo in Long Island, so be prepared for some Panda Sightings in the wild today... :D If you're in NY and anywhere near here, come say hi!! :)

Yeah... we're doing this... ;) 
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And with Football's return, so will my weekly picks!!

Seattle 36, Green Bay 16 - It should go without saying, as a Bears fan, I picked the Seahawks here, but we won't count this. However, Thanks Hawks!! ;)

New Orleans at Atlanta - Should be a good game, but I think I'm going to go with the Falcons here. I think Julio really helps complete that offense, and I think last year was a fluke for them. I'll take the Falcons, but to no lack of effort from the Saint's

Minnesota at St. Louis - No Bradford, and that will drive my pick here. I don't think the QB situation in Minnesota is much better, but with 2 extra weeks of practice and reps under their belts for the starter, I'll take AP to carry the load here. Not the better team, just the right place at the right time. 

Cleveland at Pittsburgh - Brian Hoyer looked abysmal in the preseason, and though I understand Manziel still needs time to develop, I still think he's the better option, and without their number 1 wr as well, I'm going Steelers here. 

Jacksonville at Philadelphia - Clevelands missing their number 1 WR, but Jacksonville's missing their number 1 AND number 2 WR with shorts out Justin Blackmon getting voted off the island. Nick Foles is in his second year, they picked up sproles to shoulder some of the load off of McCoy and added another speed guy. Maclin's back as well, so I'll take Philly here, though look for a good game by Gerhart on Jacksonville

Oakland at NY Jets - I'm hearing great things about the rook in Oakland, as he beat the Schuab for the starting job. To be honest, I know I'm crazy, I know the Jets got Decker and Genos in his second year, but I just don't buy into Geno, and therefore, I'm looking for an upset here. MJD, get back on track. I'm going Raiders in the upset, but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong here. Just a gut feeling. 

Cincinnati at Baltimore I mean, Baltimore is still Baltimore. Still Flacco, still Ray Rice (once he's off suspension), still Torrey Smith... I mean, they added Steve Smith, but... I don't see many positive changes, and therefore I don't see a big change to last year. Gimme the Bengals here to start strong, on the back on little Gio!

Buffalo at Chicago - How dare you even ask me. Ditka be praised, and for the first time this year... DAAAAAA BEARS!!!!

Washington at Houston - Hardest game to pick today in my opinion. Houston has that sick looking defense with what could become one of the greatest DE tandems the league has see, but then I look across the ball and see Ryan Fitzpatrick... I mean, yeah, Andre (who wants out) and Arian (who's always hurt) are still there, but Fitz?? ehhhh... Then RG3's entering his third year, he's got speed demon DeSean Jackson now, and the workhorse Alfred Morris, but will he have time to throw?? I'm going Houston, because Defense... but this should be good. 

Tennessee at Kansas City - I don't think the Chiefs were a fluke last year, and I don't see too many things to make me believe in Tennessee yet, so I'm going KC, but don't look for an 8-0 start this year. 

New England at Miami - I don't care that Brady's on the injury report, he's been on there for years with an "elbow" injury. Lol. I'll go with the Pats, but much closer than the experts think, as 100 degrees and miami humidity takes it's toll on the pats. 

Carolina at Tampa Bay - I'm glad Lovie finally got a job, but I think TB is still a bit away from contending with playoff teams. They'll fight, but the tampa two is susceptible to mobile QBs, so look for Cam to risk the ribs and run some. Give me the motivated Deangelo Williams in tampa. Carolina. 

San Francisco at Dallas - Another tough pick here. Dallas is kind of like Baltimore, still the same faces with potential, but I don't see a reason to believe yet. I think this will be a high scoring game because of the 49ers defensive issues (read: Aldon Smith, Bowman), but I think they out shoot the terrible Cowboys D. Look for Flexxing in Jerry-World. Niners.

Indianapolis at Denver - This should be one of the best games to watch, but I'll tell you off the bat, Luck will have to score 40-50 to win. You don't give Peyton a whole summer to prepare for you and expect to win. No Welker? No problem. Montee Ball and Emmanuel Sanders will step up in his place. I expect Peyton to go off and Assert Dominance. Broncos. 

NY Giants at Detroit - I mean, How terrible did the G-men look in the preseason. I've never been a big fan of the younger manning, but they looked so out of sync that it was laughable. Meanwhile, Detroit still has the D-line to cause fits, Reggie Bush will run wild, and Megatron will be megatron. Give me Detroit. 

San Diego at Arizona - The Cardinals were one of the biggest surprises last year, and ever with Ellington out, I think they're more capable of continuing that run that San Diego is, so I'm gonna go with Palmer and the Cardinals. Larry Fitz, don't let me down! 

ALSO, I figured I'd give you guys some extra info this year, and show you who's on my fantasy team! This was who I ended up Drafting, so let me know if I'm making any mistakes. 

Tebow - Good luck Charm and a joke in my league. I haven't missed the Superbowl with him on my team the last 4 years. :)

Arian Foster
Gio Bernard
Reggie bush
Deangelo Williams
Jonathan Grimes
Toby Gerhart

Julio Jones
Brandon Marshall
Jeremy Maclin
Kelvin Benjamin
Tavon Austin
TY Hilton

Jordan Reed

Robbie Good As Gould

San Fran

Starters: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, WR/TE, WR/RB, K, DEF. 

Right now, I've got RG3, Gio, Foster, Jones, Marshall, Gronk, Reggie and Maclin in the Flex, Gould and Houston. 

Now, I gotta drive to San Antonio from Houston so I don't miss too much of the games. I'll be back on soon and will try to keep up from the road!! 
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que seu fute
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